Zimbabwe Castle Lager Premier League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ngezi Platinum 128221981126
2ZPC Kariba127141712522
3How Mine FC1263398121
4Black Rhinos FC10622124820
5FC Platinum10550104620
6Chicken Inn FC12615116519
7Highlanders Football Club9522106417
8Dynamos Football Club9522106417
9Shabane Mine FC12453108217
10Bulawayo City FC114251112-114
11Yadah FC123451015-513
12Triangle Football Club12264812-412
13Chapungu FC12264610-412
14Harare City FC1224647-310
15Hwange FC12246715-810
16Caps United 623111749
17Bantu Rovers FC112091528-136
18Tsholotsho FC12048517-124

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Tsholotsho FC0v0Hwange FC
Ngezi Platinum 0v0Chapungu FC
Shabane Mine FC1v1FC Platinum
Highlanders Football Club2v0Triangle Football Club
Tsholotsho FC0v1Dynamos Football Club
ZPC Kariba3v1Bantu Rovers FC
Harare City FC0v1Chicken Inn FC
Bulawayo City FC0v1How Mine FC
Yadah FC2v2Hwange FC
Chicken Inn FC0v0Shabane Mine FC
Ngezi Platinum 3v2Bulawayo City FC
Chapungu FC2v0Tsholotsho FC
Dynamos Football Club3v1ZPC Kariba
Triangle Football Club1v1Caps United
Black Rhinos FC1v0Yadah FC
Hwange FC0v0How Mine FC
Bantu Rovers FC0v2Harare City FC
Harare City FC0v1Dynamos Football Club
Yadah FC3v0Triangle Football Club
Highlanders Football Club0v1Chicken Inn FC
Shabane Mine FC4v1Bantu Rovers FC
ZPC Kariba0v0Chapungu FC
Tsholotsho FC1v4Ngezi Platinum
Bulawayo City FC1v0Hwange FC
How Mine FC2v1Black Rhinos FC
Dynamos Football Club1v1Shabane Mine FC
Triangle Football Club2v0How Mine FC
Black Rhinos FC3v0Hwange FC
Ngezi Platinum 2v1ZPC Kariba
Tsholotsho FC1v2Bulawayo City FC
Bantu Rovers FC1v2Highlanders Football Club
FC Platinum2v0Yadah FC
Chapungu FC1v0Harare City FC
Dynamos Football Club0v1Black Rhinos FC
ZPC Kariba2v1Caps United
Chicken Inn FC0v1FC Platinum
Hwange FC0v0Triangle Football Club
Shabane Mine FC0v0Chapungu FC
Harare City FC0v1Ngezi Platinum
How Mine FC0v0FC Platinum
Bulawayo City FC0v1Black Rhinos FC
Yadah FC0v1Chicken Inn FC
ZPC Kariba2v0Tsholotsho FC
Triangle Football Club1v1Black Rhinos FC
Chicken Inn FC0v1How Mine FC
FC Platinum1v0Hwange FC
ZPC Kariba2v0Bulawayo City FC
Tsholotsho FC0v1Harare City FC
Ngezi Platinum 1v0Shabane Mine FC
Chapungu FC0v0Highlanders Football Club
Bantu Rovers FC7v2Yadah FC
Black Rhinos FC0v0FC Platinum
Harare City FC0v1ZPC Kariba
How Mine FC1v0Bantu Rovers FC
Highlanders Football Club1v0Ngezi Platinum
Hwange FC0v1Chicken Inn FC
Shabane Mine FC1v0Tsholotsho FC
Yadah FC0v1Dynamos Football Club
Caps United 4v0Chapungu FC
Bulawayo City FC1v2Triangle Football Club
Dynamos Football Club0v1How Mine FC
Chicken Inn FC0v1Shabane Mine FC
ZPC Kariba2v1Shabane Mine FC
Tsholotsho FC1v2Highlanders Football Club
Ngezi Platinum 2v2Caps United
Harare City FC0v0Bulawayo City FC
FC Platinum0v0Triangle Football Club
Chapungu FC1v1Yadah FC
Bantu Rovers FC2v3Hwange FC
Shabane Mine FC0v0Harare City FC
Triangle Football Club0v1Chicken Inn FC
Highlanders Football Club3v2ZPC Kariba
Hwange FC0v1Dynamos Football Club
Caps United 1v1Tsholotsho FC
Yadah FC1v0Ngezi Platinum
How Mine FC2v1Chapungu FC
Bulawayo City FC1v1FC Platinum
Black Rhinos FC3v0Bantu Rovers FC
Chicken Inn FC0v1FC Platinum
Harare City FC0v0Highlanders Football Club
Bantu Rovers FC1v0Triangle Football Club
Ngezi Platinum 2v0How Mine FC
Chapungu FC1v2Hwange FC
Tsholotsho FC0v0Yadah FC
Shabane Mine FC0v2Bulawayo City FC
Hwange FC0v3Ngezi Platinum
Highlanders Football Club0v1Shabane Mine FC
Triangle Football Club2v2Dynamos Football Club
Caps United 2v1Harare City FC
How Mine FC1v1Tsholotsho FC
Black Rhinos FC1v0Chapungu FC
Bulawayo City FC2v1Chicken Inn FC
FC Platinum3v2Bantu Rovers FC
Yadah FC1v0ZPC Kariba
Harare City FC0v0Yadah FC
Bantu Rovers FC0v5Chicken Inn FC
ZPC Kariba1v0How Mine FC
Chapungu FC0v0Triangle Football Club
Ngezi Platinum 1v0Black Rhinos FC

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