Yonkers futsalmania soccer league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Atlas 65102031716
2Yonkers fc650133132015
3Toroz neza5500112915
6DPY arsenal 53112112910
7Monarcas 5311169710
9Guadalajara 4301171169
10Gunners 5122712-55
11Dep.toluca 5113915-64
12Mexico 61051830-123
13Ny city5014514-91
14Fuerza juvenil 5014819-111
15Real honduras100146-20
16Real Madrid 2002412-80
17C.d.Leon 5005319-160
18Ejica 5005427-230

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Mexico 8v3Real Madrid
Atlas 4v1Real Madrid
Yonkers fc6v4Real honduras
Gunners 0v2Toroz neza
DPY arsenal 3v3Fuerza juvenil
Atlas 1v1C.d.texcoco
Monarcas 7v1Mexico
Dep.montezuma2v0Ny city
Dep.toluca 1v1Chivas
Guadalajara 4v1Mexico
Yonkers fc6v2C.d.Leon
Ejica 1v7Guadalajara
Dep.montezuma1v0Fuerza juvenil
Ejica 0v3Chivas
Toroz neza2v1Ny city
Gunners 3v2Mexico
Yonkers fc0v1Atlas
Monarcas 5v0C.d.Leon
DPY arsenal 4v5Dep.toluca
Atlas 5v0Guadalajara
Atlas 5v0Monarcas
C.d.texcoco2v2Ny city
Ejica 1v5DPY arsenal
Dep.toluca 1v3Dep.montezuma
Gunners 2v6Yonkers fc
Mexico 3v8Chivas
Toroz neza2v0Fuerza juvenil
C.d.Leon 0v2Chivas
Mexico 3v5DPY arsenal
C.d.texcoco3v1Fuerza juvenil
Toroz neza3v1Dep.toluca
Yonkers fc5v0Ny city
Gunners 1v1Monarcas
C.d.Leon 0v4DPY arsenal
Toroz neza2v0Ejica
Atlas 4v1Chivas
Yonkers fc10v4Fuerza juvenil
Gunners 1v1Dep.montezuma
Monarcas 3v2Ny city

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