Yeovil money league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Chris jones770061164514
2Stu eales770059184114
3Darren humphreys860265234212
4Chris stocker860260283212
5Michael robinson860259293012
6Clive Brown84044246-48
7Jason coleman74033443-98
8Mark cousins104064268-268
9Stuart parker7304403736
10Aaron healey82063058-284
11Terry langdon92073168-374
12Deb caldwell102082981-524
13Daryl reed71063146-152
14Rob hawker40041133-220

Viewed 55 times

Michael robinson11v0Mark cousins
Stuart parker9v2Deb caldwell
Terry langdon7v4Aaron healey
Chris jones8v3Darren humphreys
Stu eales11v0Mark cousins
Chris jones11v0Deb caldwell
Chris stocker11v0Deb caldwell
Darren humphreys10v1Mark cousins
Darren humphreys10v1Jason coleman
Stu eales10v1Clive Brown
Chris stocker10v1Jason coleman
Darren humphreys10v1Terry langdon
Chris jones10v1Chris stocker
Darren humphreys10v1Aaron healey
Chris stocker10v1Aaron healey
Clive Brown10v1Deb caldwell
Daryl reed10v1Deb caldwell
Darren humphreys9v2Clive Brown
Michael robinson9v2Terry langdon
Mark cousins9v2Daryl reed
Chris stocker9v2Terry langdon
Chris jones9v2Jason coleman
Stuart parker9v2Terry langdon
Darren humphreys9v2Deb caldwell
Chris jones9v2Mark cousins
Michael robinson9v2Rob hawker
Jason coleman8v3Deb caldwell
Michael robinson8v3Aaron healey
Stu eales8v3Rob hawker
Deb caldwell8v3Terry langdon
Stu eales8v3Daryl reed
Stu eales8v3Terry langdon
Jason coleman8v3Aaron healey
Mark cousins8v3Rob hawker
Clive Brown8v3Mark cousins
Deb caldwell8v3Rob hawker
Mark cousins8v3Stuart parker
Chris stocker8v3Clive Brown
Chris jones7v4Aaron healey
Chris jones7v4Terry langdon
Jason coleman7v4Daryl reed
Jason coleman7v4Clive Brown
Stu eales7v4Michael robinson
Aaron healey7v4Deb caldwell
Michael robinson7v4Stuart parker
Chris stocker7v4Darren humphreys
Stu eales7v4Stuart parker
Aaron healey7v4Mark cousins
Michael robinson7v4Daryl reed
Clive Brown7v4Michael robinson
Mark cousins7v4Chris stocker
Stuart parker7v4Daryl reed
Clive Brown7v4Stuart parker
Terry langdon7v4Daryl reed

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