Yellow league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
117 flying cows4220133108
216 rampage raiders42208358
315 star strikers420210646
419 the ferraris412167-15
518 Albany mags4004220-180

Viewed 341 times

19 the ferraris1v315 star strikers
17 flying cows1v116 rampage raiders
18 Albany mags2v319 the ferraris
15 star strikers1v317 flying cows
16 rampage raiders4v018 Albany mags
17 flying cows1v119 the ferraris
15 star strikers5v018 Albany mags
19 the ferraris1v116 rampage raiders
17 flying cows8v018 Albany mags
16 rampage raiders2v115 star strikers

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