Year 9 Netball B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1St Benedict 640250381220
2Lees Brook431054104418
3Landau Forte A43102581718
4West Park420237231410
5Lands Forte B4103934-255
6Murray Park100178-10
7Derby Moor50051273-610

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Derby Moor0v7Lands Forte B
Derby Moor1v10Landau Forte A
West Park2v6Landau Forte A
Derby Moor1v15West Park
St Benedict 8v7Murray Park
West Park14v1Lands Forte B
Lands Forte B0v16Lees Brook
Landau Forte A4v4Lees Brook
St Benedict 4v1Lands Forte B
St Benedict 1v5Landau Forte A
St Benedict 1v14Lees Brook
St Benedict 21v5Derby Moor
St Benedict 15v6West Park
Derby Moor5v20Lees Brook

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