Year 8 Netball A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Chellaston A440053134020
2Derby High A531128101818
3Littleover A53113023718
4Woodlands A42021991010
5Derby High B5113826-188
6Littleover B5113846-388
7Woodlands B4004322-190

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Derby High B0v5Woodlands A
Derby High B5v0Woodlands B
Derby High A5v0Woodlands B
Derby High A5v0Woodlands A
Chellaston A14v6Littleover A
Littleover B1v23Chellaston A
Chellaston A10v1Derby High B
Chellaston A6v5Derby High A
Littleover B1v10Derby High A
Littleover B1v1Derby High B
Littleover A10v1Derby High B
Littleover A3v3Derby High A
Littleover A7v2Woodlands B
Littleover B0v11Woodlands A
Littleover B5v1Woodlands B
Littleover A4v3Woodlands A

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