Year 7

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Miss Lewis330011299
2Mr Baxter32106247
3Miss Wilkinson 32018536
4Mr Lord31113214
5Mr Bassett311145-14
6Mr Keill Griffin310248-43
7Miss Khan301226-41
8Mrs Kaye3003311-80

Viewed 22 times

Mrs Kaye1v3Miss Wilkinson
Mr Keill Griffin0v3Miss Lewis
Mr Bassett0v2Mr Lord
Miss Khan0v3Mr Baxter
Miss Wilkinson 3v0Mr Keill Griffin
Mrs Kaye0v4Miss Lewis
Mr Lord0v1Mr Baxter
Miss Khan1v2Mr Bassett
Mrs Kaye2v4Mr Keill Griffin
Miss Lewis4v2Miss Wilkinson
Miss Khan1v1Mr Lord
Mr Baxter2v2Mr Bassett

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