Year 10&11 Netball A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Littleove A751165273828
2Chellaston A550083265725
3Derby High A741270432723
4Littleover B74034846220
6Chellaston B52032239-1710
7West Park72053781-4410
8Woodlands B41031028-185
9Derby High B71061466-525

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Derby High B2v22Chellaston A
Derby High A19v1Chellaston B
Derby High B1v5Chellaston B
Derby High A11v14Chellaston A
Derby High B3v13Woodlands
Derby High B3v0Woodlands B
Derby High A8v3Woodlands B
Derby High A7v6Woodlands
Derby High A13v1West Park
Littleove A12v1Woodlands B
Littleover B1v13Woodlands
Littleover B5v6Woodlands B
Littleove A8v3Woodlands
Littleover B9v3Derby High A
Littleover B9v2Derby High B
Littleove A13v0Derby High B
Littleove A9v9Derby High A
Littleover B17v10West Park
Littleove A10v0West Park
Littleover B3v9Chellaston A
Littleover B4v3Chellaston B
Littleove A9v2Chellaston B
Littleove A4v12Chellaston A
West Park10v1Woodlands
Derby High B3v4West Park
West Park6v26Chellaston A
West Park6v11Chellaston B

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