WWE Standings

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Kofi Kingston3300130133
2Team Hell No43015143
4Big E Langston33003033
5Jack Swagger63038713
6Alberto Del Rio53027613
7Dolph Zigger53029903
8Wade Barrett6303818-103
9John Cena2200110112
11Mark Henry32015142
12The Shield22002022
13Tons of funk42022202
14Team Rhodes Scholars42022202
15Justin Gabriel210110641
16Big Show31028711
18Triple H11001011
19The Miz21011101
22Randy Orton210114-31
23The Uso's00000000
24Rey Mysterio00000000
25Kane 00000000
29The Great Khali100101-10
30Daniel Bryan100101-10
32Brock Lesnar100101-10
33CM Punk100101-10
34Zach Ryder200202-20
35Chris Jericho300369-30
36Prime Time Players200204-40
37Yoshi Tatsu200206-60
38The Rock1001010-100
39Antonio Cesaro3003010-100

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Jack Swagger5v0Alberto Del Rio
The Shield1v0Team Hell No
Big E Langston1v0Zach Ryder
Tons of funk1v0Team Rhodes Scholars
Chris Jericho0v1Dolph Zigger
John Cena10v0The Rock
Team Rhodes Scholars1v0Tons of funk
R-Truth2v0Antonio Cesaro
Mark Henry4v0Sheamus
Big Show4v0Randy Orton
Alberto Del Rio5v0Jack Swagger
Kofi Kingston5v0Wade Barrett
Justin Gabriel5v0Yoshi Tatsu
Wade Barrett6v5Justin Gabriel
Jack Swagger2v0Dolph Zigger
Team Rhodes Scholars1v0The Great Khali
R-Truth7v0Wade Barrett
Team Hell No2v0Prime Time Players
Kofi Kingston4v0Antonio Cesaro
Dolph Zigger7v6Chris Jericho
Kofi Kingston4v0Antonio Cesaro
Randy Orton1v0Big Show
Sheamus6v4Big Show
Wade Barrett1v0Santino
Team Hell No2v0Prime Time Players
Jack Swagger1v0Yoshi Tatsu
Big E Langston1v0Zach Ryder
The Shield1v0Tons of funk
John Cena1v0Mark Henry
Tons of funk1v0Team Rhodes Scholars
Alberto Del Rio0v1Dolph Zigger
Alberto Del Rio1v0Jack Swagger
Wade Barrett1v0The Miz
Big E Langston1v0Daniel Bryan
Triple H1v0Brock Lesnar
Undertaker1v0CM Punk
Alberto Del Rio1v0Jack Swagger
Fandango1v0Chris Jericho
Team Hell No1v0Dolph Zigger
Mark Henry1v0Ryback
The Miz1v0Wade Barrett

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