Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1John Cena110033103313
2The Great Khali110049949813
4Roman Reigns00000000
5Rinestone Cowboys00000000
6Rey Mysterio00000000
7Seth Rollins00000000
8Road Warrior00000000
9Sheamus (The Celtic Warrior)00000000
10The Wyatt Family (The Buzzards)00000000
11Triple H (The Game)00000000
12The Usos00000000
13The Rhodes Brothers00000000
14The Real Americans00000000
15Shawn Michaels (HBK)00000000
16Randy Orton (The Viper) (The Apex Predator)00000000
17Brodus Clay00000000
18CM Punk (The Best In The World)00000000
19Big Show00000000
20Big Daddy V00000000
21Alberto Del Riooooooooooooo00000000
22Matt Hardy00000000
23Daniel Bryan (Yes! Yes Yes!)00000000
24Jeff Hardy00000000
26Dean Ambrose00000000
27Hulk Hogan00000000
28Edge (Rated R Superstar)00000000
30Mark Henry (World's Strongest Man)1001498499-10
31Sin Cara10010331-3310
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John Cena331v0Sin Cara
Mark Henry (World's Strongest Man)498v499The Great Khali

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