WVSL: Veteranos

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Coyotes 14112153173635
2Tapatío 14102257213632
3Stayton 1410132821731
4Mar Y Plata 1482446361026
5AC Salem 1464443291422
6Loggers 145272932-317
7El Moral 1440102344-2112
8Dep. Tijuana 1440102350-2712
9Valladolid 1422103049-198
10Titanes 1421111548-337

Viewed 949 times

Loggers 1v2Stayton
Loggers 0v1Stayton
Tapatío 11v2El Moral
Coyotes 3v1Mar Y Plata
AC Salem 6v1Valladolid
Dep. Tijuana 1v0Titanes
Coyotes 1v0Titanes
Mar Y Plata 4v3AC Salem
Tapatío 6v0Titanes
Dep. Tijuana 2v1Stayton
Coyotes 6v1Valladolid
El Moral 2v0Loggers
Mar Y Plata 6v2Titanes
Mar Y Plata 4v3Tapatío
Loggers 1v1Coyotes
AC Salem 4v1Titanes
Dep. Tijuana 5v1Valladolid
El Moral 6v1Stayton
Stayton 1v1Mar Y Plata
Titanes 3v8Valladolid
Dep. Tijuana 2v3Loggers
El Moral 0v7Coyotes
AC Salem 2v3Tapatío
Mar Y Plata 2v1El Moral
Titanes 0v1Stayton
Tapatío 5v1Dep. Tijuana
Coyotes 5v2Valladolid
Loggers 2v3AC Salem
Stayton 3v2Coyotes
Titanes 0v3Loggers
Tapatío 4v2AC Salem
Dep. Tijuana 4v7Mar Y Plata
Valladolid 1v4El Moral
Stayton 1v0Valladolid
Stayton 2v0El Moral
Mar Y Plata 2v5Coyotes
Tapatío 2v0Loggers
El Moral 0v1Titanes
Valladolid 3v4Dep. Tijuana
AC Salem 3v4Stayton
Titanes 2v2Tapatío
Coyotes 7v0Dep. Tijuana
Loggers 5v4Valladolid
AC Salem 3v3Mar Y Plata
Mar Y Plata 0v3Stayton
Coyotes 6v4Loggers
Dep. Tijuana 0v3AC Salem
El Moral 2v5Tapatío
Valladolid 6v1Titanes
Stayton 3v2Dep. Tijuana
Loggers 1v0El Moral
Tapatío 1v1Valladolid
AC Salem 1v1Coyotes
Titanes 1v5AC Salem
Valladolid 0v4Coyotes
El Moral 2v1Dep. Tijuana
Tapatío 5v2Mar Y Plata
Stayton 1v2Tapatío
Mar Y Plata 4v2Valladolid
Dep. Tijuana 1v2Titanes
AC Salem 3v3Loggers
Coyotes 3v1El Moral
Valladolid 0v0AC Salem
Titanes 2v4Stayton
Loggers 6v0Dep. Tijuana
Tapatío 1v2Coyotes
El Moral 1v4Mar Y Plata
Mar Y Plata 6v0Loggers
Dep. Tijuana 0v7Tapatío
AC Salem 5v2El Moral

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