WVSL Segunda División (Grupo 3)

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Curtidores 14140086147242
2Leicester City14102252292332
3Veracruz 1491451341728
4Dep. Arsenal 1472539271223
5Pura Vida 147253734323
6Dep. Zaragoza147164041-122
7Alcholoya 146084545018
8Arsenal 1422101941-228
9Águilas 1420121587-726

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Pura Vida 2v2Dep. Arsenal
Leicester City12v0Águilas
Curtidores 1v0RAGE
Dep. Zaragoza1v0Arsenal
Alcholoya 0v1Veracruz
Curtidores 8v1Pura Vida
Dep. Arsenal 1v0RAGE
Arsenal 0v1Pura Vida
Dep. Zaragoza2v2Veracruz
Curtidores 9v0Águilas
Alcholoya 4v6Leicester City
Arsenal 0v1Dep. Arsenal
Dep. Zaragoza5v4Alcholoya
Curtidores 4v3Veracruz
Leicester City4v3Pura Vida
Pura Vida 1v0RAGE
Águilas 3v8Dep. Arsenal
Arsenal 0v1Veracruz
Curtidores 10v2Alcholoya
Dep. Zaragoza1v2Leicester City
Dep. Zaragoza1v0RAGE
Alcholoya 0v1Arsenal
Veracruz 8v0Águilas
Dep. Arsenal 0v2Leicester City
Arsenal 0v4Dep. Zaragoza
Curtidores 3v0Dep. Arsenal
Veracruz 2v5Pura Vida
Leicester City6v2Alcholoya
Águilas 1v6Pura Vida
Dep. Arsenal 4v1Arsenal
Dep. Zaragoza1v0RAGE
Alcholoya 0v5Curtidores
Leicester City4v2Veracruz
Arsenal 9v3Águilas
Veracruz 3v2Dep. Arsenal
Curtidores 8v2Dep. Zaragoza
Pura Vida 1v2Leicester City
Águilas 1v6Veracruz
Arsenal 3v8RAGE
Dep. Zaragoza2v8Alcholoya
Curtidores 3v1Pura Vida
Dep. Arsenal 1v1Leicester City
Pura Vida 1v1Arsenal
Alcholoya 5v1Águilas
Dep. Zaragoza2v3Dep. Arsenal
Leicester City1v5Curtidores
Curtidores 5v0Arsenal
Pura Vida 6v1RAGE
Dep. Arsenal 3v5Alcholoya
Veracruz 6v4Dep. Zaragoza
Leicester City4v1Águilas
Águilas 2v9Dep. Zaragoza
Arsenal 1v7Alcholoya
RAGE3v4Leicester City
Veracruz 3v11Curtidores
Dep. Arsenal 1v2Pura Vida
Águilas 0v7Curtidores
Arsenal 2v2Leicester City
Alcholoya 0v1Veracruz
RAGE2v9Dep. Arsenal
Dep. Zaragoza2v4Pura Vida
Curtidores 7v1RAGE
Pura Vida 3v7Alcholoya
Veracruz 3v1Arsenal
Dep. Arsenal 4v1Águilas
Leicester City2v4Dep. Zaragoza

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