WVSL 2019 Segunda B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ameca Jrs12101152114131
2Real Zamora 1283143182527
3San Antonio 1182141152626
4Las Ranas 1281348192925
5La Raza 1263349262321
6Águilas 1262451321920
7Corinthians 1161430201019
8Dep. Pioneer 115242317617
9Salem FC 124443935416
10Veracruz 125162643-1716
11Titanes 1243534241015
12Los Morillos 124352626015
13RS Arsenal 113442926313
14Real San Isidro 124083060-3012
15Zorros 112362341-189
16Squad Salem 121472871-437
17Chelsea 111192271-494
18FC United 1210113675-393

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Titanes 6v1Real San Isidro
Ameca Jrs2v0RS Arsenal
Salem FC 1v3Los Morillos
Dep. Pioneer 2v0Squad Salem
Las Ranas 2v3San Antonio
FC United 3v9Veracruz
Corinthians 5v2Águilas
Zorros 2v7La Raza
Real Zamora 1v1Chelsea
La Raza 3v3Las Ranas
Los Morillos 1v2Real Zamora
Águilas 4v4Salem FC
Veracruz 1v0Titanes
Real San Isidro 7v5FC United
Squad Salem 1v11Ameca Jrs
Los Morillos 1v4Corinthians
La Raza 4v3Corinthians
Los Morillos 0v2Titanes
Águilas 5v2Squad Salem
Las Ranas 3v1Dep. Pioneer
Chelsea 9v7FC United
Real San Isidro 1v7Ameca Jrs
Zorros 2v5RS Arsenal
San Antonio 1v1Veracruz
Salem FC 3v3Real Zamora
FC United 2v0La Raza
Titanes 0v4Las Ranas
Ameca Jrs1v0Salem FC
Chelsea 0v8Los Morillos
RS Arsenal 4v4Squad Salem
Real San Isidro 3v1Zorros
Dep. Pioneer 5v1San Antonio
Veracruz 2v1Corinthians
Real Zamora 4v3Águilas
Los Morillos 1v1Dep. Pioneer
Titanes 3v3La Raza
Las Ranas 3v1RS Arsenal
La Raza 3v2Ameca Jrs
Los Morillos 4v1Veracruz
Águilas 9v3Chelsea
Las Ranas 4v2Real San Isidro
Squad Salem 8v5FC United
Corinthians 1v0Dep. Pioneer
Zorros 2v4Real Zamora
San Antonio 3v2RS Arsenal
Salem FC 2v2Titanes
FC United 2v3Zorros
Titanes 1v3San Antonio
Ameca Jrs2v0Las Ranas
Squad Salem 2v2Los Morillos
RS Arsenal 2v2La Raza
Real San Isidro 6v2Chelsea
Dep. Pioneer 1v1Águilas
Veracruz 3v8Salem FC
Corinthians 3v1Real Zamora
La Raza 9v0Real San Isidro
Águilas 6v1Veracruz
Las Ranas 6v2FC United
Chelsea 2v7RS Arsenal
Real Zamora 4v1Titanes
Zorros 1v6Ameca Jrs
San Antonio 12v0Squad Salem
Salem FC 3v3Corinthians
Squad Salem 3v3Zorros
FC United 2v7Águilas
Titanes 8v0Chelsea
Ameca Jrs5v1Los Morillos
RS Arsenal 3v3Real Zamora
Real San Isidro 2v3Salem FC
Dep. Pioneer 3v1La Raza
Veracruz 0v7Las Ranas
Corinthians 0v1San Antonio
RS Arsenal 0v2Real Zamora
FC United 2v7Águilas
Titanes 8v0Chelsea
Ameca Jrs5v1Los Morillos
Squad Salem 3v3Zorros
Real San Isidro 2v3Salem FC
Dep. Pioneer 3v1La Raza
Veracruz 0v7Las Ranas
Corinthians 0v1San Antonio
La Raza 11v1Squad Salem
Los Morillos 1v1RS Arsenal
Águilas 2v4Real San Isidro
Real Zamora 2v0Dep. Pioneer
Las Ranas 1v2Corinthians
Salem FC 7v3FC United
Chelsea 1v3Veracruz
San Antonio 1v1Ameca Jrs
Zorros 3v3Titanes
FC United 2v3Los Morillos
Ameca Jrs4v2Águilas
Real San Isidro 2v6San Antonio
Veracruz 3v0Zorros
Corinthians 8v4Chelsea
Dep. Pioneer 5v3Salem FC
Squad Salem 1v5Real Zamora
La Raza 5v2Veracruz
Águilas 3v0Titanes
Zorros 3v2Dep. Pioneer
San Antonio 9v1FC United
Chelsea 0v6Ameca Jrs
Las Ranas 8v3Squad Salem
Real Zamora 12v0Real San Isidro
Salem FC 2v4RS Arsenal

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