WVSL 2019 Segunda B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Real Zamora 44002112012
2San Antonio 43101741310
3Ameca Jrs43101641210
4Los Morillos 421168-27
5La Raza 3201176116
6Las Ranas 3201165116
7Águilas 4202141046
8Corinthians 420210736
9Salem FC 4202151416
10Dep. Pioneer 420210916
11Veracruz 4202813-56
12Zorros 4121911-25
13Titanes 311111654
14RS Arsenal 31115504
15Real San Isidro 4103823-153
16Squad Salem 4013827-191
17FC United 4004826-180
18Chelsea 4004525-200

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RS Arsenal 0v2Real Zamora
FC United 2v7Águilas
Titanes 8v0Chelsea
Ameca Jrs5v1Los Morillos
Squad Salem 3v3Zorros
Real San Isidro 2v3Salem FC
Dep. Pioneer 3v1La Raza
Veracruz 0v7Las Ranas
Corinthians 0v1San Antonio
La Raza 11v1Squad Salem
Los Morillos 1v1RS Arsenal
Águilas 2v4Real San Isidro
Real Zamora 2v0Dep. Pioneer
Las Ranas 1v2Corinthians
Salem FC 7v3FC United
Chelsea 1v3Veracruz
San Antonio 1v1Ameca Jrs
Zorros 3v3Titanes
FC United 2v3Los Morillos
Ameca Jrs4v2Águilas
Real San Isidro 2v6San Antonio
Veracruz 3v0Zorros
Corinthians 8v4Chelsea
Dep. Pioneer 5v3Salem FC
Squad Salem 1v5Real Zamora
La Raza 5v2Veracruz
Los Morillos 1v0Corinthians
Águilas 3v0Titanes
Zorros 3v2Dep. Pioneer
San Antonio 9v1FC United
Chelsea 0v6Ameca Jrs
Las Ranas 8v3Squad Salem
Real Zamora 12v0Real San Isidro
Salem FC 2v4RS Arsenal

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