Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1ManU ForCe17142147163144
3FC Billa007 124351623-715
4Stoner LEGEND2316161947-289
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Stoner LEGEND2v3ManU ForCe
Stoner LEGEND0v1FC Billa007
ManU ForCe5v2FC Billa007
ManU ForCe2v1Stoner LEGEND
ManU ForCe1v1Stoner LEGEND
ManU ForCe3v1Stoner LEGEND
FC Billa007 2v0Stoner LEGEND
FC Billa007 1v0Stoner LEGEND
FUp1v1Stoner LEGEND
Champ1v0Stoner LEGEND
Champ2v1Stoner LEGEND
Stoner LEGEND1v3ManU ForCe
Stoner LEGEND2v2FC Billa007
Stoner LEGEND0v5ManU ForCe
FC Billa007 0v1ManU ForCe
FC Billa007 2v2ManU ForCe
Stoner LEGEND2v3ManU ForCe
Stoner LEGEND1v1FC Billa007
FC Billa007 2v3Champ
Nukerz5v1Stoner LEGEND
Champ1v0Stoner LEGEND
Stoner LEGEND1v0Champ
ManU ForCe0v1Champ
ManU ForCe3v0Stoner LEGEND
FC Billa007 2v0Stoner LEGEND
ManU ForCe3v2Stoner LEGEND
Nukerz0v0Stoner LEGEND
ManU ForCe5v0FC Billa007
Champ4v1FC Billa007
Nukerz0v3ManU ForCe
Champ0v2ManU ForCe
Champ2v2Stoner LEGEND
Nukerz1v3ManU ForCe

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