WSM Soccersixes

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Athletico Visions2200144104
3Quiche Park Strangers22006064
5FC Porto21019812
6Almost Brazilians210168-22
8Corporal Luis Fernandez21011116-52
9FC Ladzio3003413-90

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Rookery5v2FC Ladzio
SMC6v1FC Porto
Athletico Visions10v1Corporal Luis Fernandez
Rookery3v6Almost Brazilians
MFC0v3Quiche Park Strangers
FC Ladzio2v5Internazionale
FC Ladzio0v3Quiche Park Strangers
Athletico Visions4v3SMC
MFC2v8FC Porto
Rookery6v10Corporal Luis Fernandez
Internazionale5v0Almost Brazilians

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