WSCL Division 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Broomwood Hall65011489132616315
2Ronald Ross6501147414027215
3Thomas' Clapham Girls631214701476-610
4Thomas' Battersea Girls6303154614251219
5St Boniface621314451453-87
6Sacred Heart Girls620414421484-426
7Southmeade 600612001500-3000

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Broomwood Hall273v242Thomas' Clapham Girls
Thomas' Battersea Girls281v208Thomas' Clapham Girls
Ronald Ross242v237Sacred Heart Girls
St Boniface250v200Southmeade
Ronald Ross250v200Southmeade
Broomwood Hall250v200St Boniface
Ronald Ross261v253Thomas' Battersea Girls
Thomas' Clapham Girls279v253Sacred Heart Girls
Sacred Heart Girls250v200Southmeade
St Boniface244v256Ronald Ross
Southmeade 200v250Broomwood Hall
Thomas' Battersea Girls250v200Southmeade
Broomwood Hall218v237Ronald Ross
St Boniface241v241Thomas' Clapham Girls
Sacred Heart Girls212v252Broomwood Hall
St Boniface266v260Thomas' Battersea Girls
Sacred Heart Girls244v267Thomas' Battersea Girls
Thomas' Clapham Girls250v200Southmeade
Thomas' Clapham Girls250v228Ronald Ross
St Boniface244v246Sacred Heart Girls
Broomwood Hall246v235Thomas' Battersea Girls

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