WSCL Division 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2The Roche65011519131720215
3Trinity St Mary's6402140713436412
4Sacred Heart Boys630313941404-109
6St Mary's Battersea610513671553-1863
7Thomas' Clapham Boys600612001500-3000

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Sacred Heart Boys250v200St Mary's Battersea
The Roche250v200Thomas' Clapham Boys
Belleville246v212The Roche
Belleville250v200Thomas' Clapham Boys
St Mary's Battersea250v200Thomas' Clapham Boys
Honeywell230v281The Roche
Trinity St Mary's248v241St Mary's Battersea
Sacred Heart Boys235v220Honeywell
Trinity St Mary's186v264Belleville
The Roche232v227Trinity St Mary's
Sacred Heart Boys250v200Thomas' Clapham Boys
Honeywell250v200Thomas' Clapham Boys
Honeywell277v225St Mary's Battersea
Sacred Heart Boys207v242Trinity St Mary's
Belleville296v239St Mary's Battersea
The Roche262v202Sacred Heart Boys
Trinity St Mary's254v199Honeywell
Belleville280v250Sacred Heart Boys
St Mary's Battersea212v282The Roche
Thomas' Clapham Boys200v250Trinity St Mary's

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