Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Paul Walker00000000
2Peter Martin00000000
3Rick Hogan00000000
4Mike Stone00000000
5Michael Santos00000000
6Mark Wallis00000000
7Martin Gras00000000
8Rob Estes00000000
9Roger Grahem00000000
10Tod Baker00000000
11Un-named team00000000
12Toby Springs00000000
13Sean Holmes00000000
14Sam Ford00000000
15Sam Nelson00000000
16Luke Ward00000000
17Logan Moore00000000
18Colin Simpson00000000
19Dakota Young00000000
20Damian Cross00000000
21Chase Klein00000000
22Chandler Scott00000000
23Bill Novack00000000
24Bred Harper00000000
25Dave Higgins00000000
26Ezrus Zane00000000
27John Morgan00000000
28Josh Brody00000000
29James Manziel00000000
30Jakob Peterson00000000
31Gabe Morris00000000
32Henk Miller00000000
33Arthur Gross00000000

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