World Shoot Out 2015

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Czech Republic52310211281032593
3Latvia 52310211181071193
4Norway 5230022114109590
5Belarus 522902398831587
6(wc)Canada 52280241161061084
7Russia 522702599100-181
8France 5225027107116-975
9(wc)Finland 5224028105115-1072
10Sweden 5223029109111-269
11Great Britain 5223029107111-469
12Germany 522103186101-1563
13Switzerland 521903386112-2657
14Slovakia 521803485117-3254
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Belarus 1v3Latvia
Latvia 0v3Czech Republic
Latvia 2v3Norway
Belarus 2v5Czech Republic
Norway 3v2(wc)Finland
Sweden 2v4(wc)Canada
Belarus 3v1France
Russia 2v1(wc)Canada
(wc)Canada 1v2Russia
Slovakia 0v4Great Britain
(wc)Finland 3v4Great Britain
Great Britain 1v3(wc)Finland
Germany 1v0Switzerland
Switzerland 3v2Germany
France 3v2Sweden
Czech Republic3v2USA
Slovakia 0v2USA
Slovakia 0v2Latvia
Czech Republic0v2Belarus
Russia 1v2Norway
France 1v2Germany
Switzerland 4v3Sweden
Great Britain 0v3Sweden
Norway 2v3USA
Germany 0v2USA
Switzerland 7v6Slovakia
France 0v4(wc)Canada
Russia 3v2(wc)Finland
Czech Republic3v4USA
Great Britain 2v4(wc)Canada
Slovakia 2v3Sweden
Czech Republic2v3Russia
(wc)Canada 4v2Slovakia
Sweden 1v3Great Britain
Russia 1v3Belarus
Sweden 4v3Russia
Slovakia 1v2Great Britain
(wc)Canada 0v3Czech Republic
(wc)Finland 2v3Switzerland
Germany 1v4Latvia
Norway 2v4France
Latvia 2v3Switzerland
Belarus 2v3USA
(wc)Finland 4v5Latvia
Norway 3v2Germany
Norway 3v2Germany
USA5v4Czech Republic
Great Britain 3v4(wc)Canada
Russia 4v5Sweden
Norway 3v4Slovakia
Latvia 4v3Switzerland
Germany 3v1Switzerland
France 3v1(wc)Finland
Belarus 3v1(wc)Finland
Czech Republic4v1France
(wc)Canada 1v2Norway
(wc)Finland 0v2Belarus
Switzerland 1v2Germany
(wc)Finland 4v5Norway
Great Britain 4v3Sweden
Switzerland 1v3Slovakia
Germany 4v1Slovakia
Germany 4v5(wc)Canada
France 2v3USA
Sweden 1v3USA
Russia 1v3Norway
(wc)Canada 2v3Latvia
Belarus 0v2(wc)Finland
Great Britain 2v4Czech Republic
Sweden 1v3Czech Republic
Latvia 2v3Czech Republic
(wc)Finland 4v0France
(wc)Canada 4v2Great Britain
Belarus 3v1Switzerland
Belarus 3v1Sweden
Norway 3v4Latvia
Russia 5v4France
Slovakia 3v4France
Sweden 3v4(wc)Finland
Switzerland 0v4USA
Russia 1v2USA
Switzerland 3v1Slovakia
Germany 3v1Great Britain
Czech Republic4v3Great Britain
Belarus 0v4(wc)Canada
France 4v5Germany
France 3v2Slovakia
Russia 0v2Latvia
Germany 1v0Great Britain
Czech Republic4v3Switzerland
Belarus 2v3France
Slovakia 0v3(wc)Canada
(wc)Finland 3v2Sweden
USA4v3Czech Republic
Latvia 1v3Russia
Czech Republic1v2Belarus
Norway 2v3(wc)Finland
Great Britain 3v4Switzerland
Slovakia 2v3(wc)Finland
France 4v0(wc)Finland
France 5v6Great Britain
Sweden 5v6USA
Great Britain 2v3Slovakia
Norway 2v4Switzerland
Latvia 2v4USA
Latvia 1v2Norway
Russia 2v1Sweden
Russia 0v2Sweden
Russia 0v2Germany
Great Britain 1v2(wc)Finland
Belarus 2v3(wc)Canada
Switzerland 4v5Russia
Slovakia 3v4Latvia
Germany 0v4Czech Republic
(wc)Canada 2v4Switzerland
Czech Republic1v3Great Britain
France 2v3Switzerland
Germany 2v3USA
Sweden 2v4Russia
Latvia 2v1Germany
Germany 2v1Slovakia
Czech Republic4v3Sweden
Norway 0v3Belarus
France 3v2Belarus
(wc)Finland 4v5(wc)Canada
Switzerland 2v3Russia
Russia 1v0Germany
Czech Republic2v4(wc)Canada
Belarus 1v2France
Germany 1v2(wc)Finland
Latvia 5v4France
Norway 3v2Great Britain
Latvia 3v5Great Britain
(wc)Canada 2v0Russia
France 2v1Sweden
(wc)Finland 2v1Switzerland
(wc)Canada 4v3Czech Republic
Norway 2v3Czech Republic
France 2v3Germany
(wc)Canada 2v3Latvia
(wc)Canada 1v3Russia
Slovakia 1v3Sweden
Slovakia 4v0Switzerland
Sweden 4v0Latvia
Latvia 2v3Belarus
Belarus 2v3USA
Great Britain 2v4USA
Germany 2v4Norway
(wc)Finland 2v1France
(wc)Finland 2v4Czech Republic
Norway 4v2Slovakia
Switzerland 0v2Slovakia
Belarus 1v2Great Britain
(wc)Finland 2v4Great Britain
Switzerland 0v1Germany
France 1v3Czech Republic
Norway 4v3Russia
Norway 2v4USA
Belarus 3v0Switzerland
(wc)Canada 3v2Slovakia
Great Britain 4v0France
Great Britain 2v3Germany
Switzerland 1v3(wc)Finland
Latvia 2v3(wc)Finland
Sweden 4v3Belarus
Russia 3v4Belarus
Slovakia 2v4France
Czech Republic0v4France
Norway 5v4Sweden
Russia 4v3USA
Germany 1v2Slovakia
Slovakia 0v2Latvia
(wc)Finland 0v4Switzerland
Czech Republic2v3Belarus
Norway 4v2Sweden
Germany 3v4Sweden
(wc)Finland 5v6Latvia
France 1v3(wc)Canada
Latvia 3v2Great Britain
Slovakia 1v2USA
Belarus 0v3USA
Czech Republic6v4Russia
Russia 5v4Germany
Sweden 2v1Germany
Norway 0v4(wc)Canada
Belarus 2v0(wc)Canada
Belarus 3v5Czech Republic
Latvia 4v5Czech Republic
Latvia 3v0Slovakia
Great Britain 2v4USA
Switzerland 1v3USA
Switzerland 1v0Sweden
Norway 1v2Sweden
Norway 2v3Russia
France 0v3Russia
Great Britain 0v2Latvia
Great Britain 1v0Russia
Germany 1v2Slovakia
France 0v1(wc)Finland
Norway 1v3USA
Great Britain 1v2Slovakia
Russia 2v3France
(wc)Finland 3v1Belarus
USA1v0Great Britain
Switzerland 2v3Belarus
Czech Republic1v2Switzerland
Czech Republic2v0Germany
(wc)Canada 2v1Germany
(wc)Finland 0v2Norway
France 3v1(wc)Canada
Latvia 2v3Sweden
Belarus 2v0(wc)Canada
Russia 2v1Germany
Slovakia 0v1Switzerland
Sweden 1v2Norway
Sweden 0v2Czech Republic
Czech Republic3v2Great Britain
France 1v2Norway
(wc)Canada 1v3Sweden
(wc)Finland 0v2Latvia
Russia 0v2USA
Germany 1v3Sweden
Slovakia 0v1Belarus
Great Britain 2v0Czech Republic
Russia 3v1Norway
Switzerland 2v3USA
Sweden 2v0Great Britain
Switzerland 1v2Slovakia
France 3v2Belarus
Czech Republic2v0Russia
(wc)Finland 1v2(wc)Canada
Czech Republic2v0(wc)Canada
(wc)Canada 2v3France
Latvia 1v2Russia
Norway 0v1Slovakia
France 0v3Great Britain
Norway 1v2(wc)Finland
Switzerland 0v1Latvia
France 2v0Slovakia
Sweden 2v3Latvia
Switzerland 2v3Norway
Czech Republic2v1Belarus
USA0v2Great Britain
Sweden 2v1Germany
Germany 0v1Belarus
(wc)Canada 1v2Latvia
Great Britain 0v1Sweden
Russia 0v1Switzerland
Slovakia 1v2(wc)Canada
Switzerland 0v1Czech Republic
Norway 1v3Great Britain
Belarus 1v2France
Germany 3v2(wc)Finland
Latvia 2v3Slovakia
Czech Republic1v2Norway
Germany 0v2Latvia
Switzerland 0v3USA
Belarus 3v1Slovakia
(wc)Finland 1v2Russia
(wc)Finland 1v2France
(wc)Canada 2v4USA
Switzerland 0v2Sweden
(wc)Canada 0v3Norway
Belarus 1v2(wc)Finland
Slovakia 1v2(wc)Finland
USA1v2Czech Republic
Great Britain 1v3Germany
Latvia 3v2(wc)Canada
(wc)Canada 1v0Switzerland
Sweden 1v2Russia
Sweden 2v0Germany
Norway 3v2Germany
Russia 1v2Great Britain
Slovakia 2v1France
Latvia 2v1(wc)Finland
France 0v1Belarus
(wc)Finland 4v3Great Britain
(wc)Canada 2v1Slovakia
Norway 0v1Belarus
Russia 0v2Latvia
France 3v2Latvia
Czech Republic2v1Sweden
Czech Republic0v2Switzerland
Latvia 0v2USA
Czech Republic0v1Slovakia
Great Britain 2v1(wc)Canada
France 1v0Germany
Sweden 1v2Norway
(wc)Finland 3v2Belarus
(wc)Finland 1v2Switzerland
Norway 1v0Switzerland
Great Britain 2v3Czech Republic
Belarus 3v2(wc)Canada
Germany 0v1USA
Slovakia 4v3Sweden
Russia 2v1France
Czech Republic2v1(wc)Finland
Germany 2v1Latvia
Slovakia 0v3Belarus
Switzerland 0v2(wc)Canada
France 2v1Latvia
Great Britain 0v2Russia
Norway 1v2Latvia
Sweden 1v2Switzerland
(wc)Finland 0v2Slovakia
Russia 0v1Belarus
Great Britain 1v2Latvia
Germany 1v3France
Sweden 0v1Russia
Norway 2v1Czech Republic
Great Britain 1v0Switzerland
Germany 0v1Switzerland
(wc)Canada 0v2(wc)Finland
Russia 0v1Great Britain
Belarus 0v1Sweden
Czech Republic2v1Norway
(wc)Finland 0v2Germany
Russia 1v2(wc)Canada
Sweden 0v1Slovakia
Germany 2v1Czech Republic
Slovakia 1v3(wc)Finland
France 3v4(wc)Canada
Norway 3v2Sweden
(wc)Finland 2v3USA
Germany 3v2Great Britain
France 0v1Russia
Norway 2v1Latvia
Slovakia 4v3Switzerland
Belarus 2v0USA
Latvia 1v0Belarus
(wc)Canada 2v3Russia
Czech Republic1v2France
Czech Republic3v4Latvia
(wc)Canada 2v3Great Britain
Switzerland 1v2Sweden
Belarus 2v0France
Great Britain 2v1(wc)Finland
Latvia 2v1Germany
Switzerland 0v2Norway
Great Britain 2v1Norway
Switzerland 2v3(wc)Finland
Belarus 1v2Russia
Slovakia 2v3Germany
Latvia 0v3Czech Republic
Sweden 2v1Czech Republic
Sweden 1v0(wc)Canada
Russia 1v2Slovakia

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