World Football Union

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Torino (ITA)15103240142633
2Weirder Bremen (GER)15102335152032
3FC Sion (SWI)1594236162031
4Reading Fc (ENG)1576228141427
5FC Zwolle (HOL)147432719825
6KV Kortrijk (BEL)147432620625
7CD Colo-Colo (CHI)157442221125
8Santos (BRA)157352417724
9Raja Casablanca (MOR)156452321222
10Auckland City (AUS)156182326-319
11Motherwell (SCO)154562729-217
12EA Guingamp (FRA)144462725216
13Granada (SPA)154292030-1014
14Lechia Gdansk (POL)142481341-2810
15Academica (POR)1520131230-186
16Seattle Sounders (USA)150213752-452

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Seattle Sounders (USA)0v7Torino (ITA)
CD Colo-Colo (CHI)0v3Reading Fc (ENG)
Santos (BRA)3v0Motherwell (SCO)
Auckland City (AUS)4v2Academica (POR)
Granada (SPA)1v3FC Sion (SWI)
Weirder Bremen (GER)4v0Raja Casablanca (MOR)
Raja Casablanca (MOR)3v0EA Guingamp (FRA)
FC Sion (SWI)6v0Seattle Sounders (USA)
KV Kortrijk (BEL)3v2FC Zwolle (HOL)
Motherwell (SCO)5v0Lechia Gdansk (POL)
Auckland City (AUS)2v0Santos (BRA)
Academica (POR)1v2Torino (ITA)
CD Colo-Colo (CHI)3v1Reading Fc (ENG)
Granada (SPA)0v1Weirder Bremen (GER)
Granada (SPA)0v2Santos (BRA)
Lechia Gdansk (POL)0v4KV Kortrijk (BEL)
FC Sion (SWI)0v0FC Zwolle (HOL)
Weirder Bremen (GER)3v2Raja Casablanca (MOR)
Torino (ITA)3v1Reading Fc (ENG)
Motherwell (SCO)1v1EA Guingamp (FRA)
Seattle Sounders (USA)1v3CD Colo-Colo (CHI)
Academica (POR)1v0Auckland City (AUS)
Santos (BRA)2v3KV Kortrijk (BEL)
Granada (SPA)0v3CD Colo-Colo (CHI)
FC Zwolle (HOL)2v0EA Guingamp (FRA)
Reading Fc (ENG)0v0Torino (ITA)
FC Sion (SWI)2v1Weirder Bremen (GER)
Lechia Gdansk (POL)2v1Academica (POR)
Lechia Gdansk (POL)3v1Seattle Sounders (USA)
Motherwell (SCO)4v0Raja Casablanca (MOR)
Torino (ITA)6v0Seattle Sounders (USA)
FC Sion (SWI)1v1Granada (SPA)
Motherwell (SCO)0v0KV Kortrijk (BEL)
CD Colo-Colo (CHI)1v0Auckland City (AUS)
Academica (POR)0v2Raja Casablanca (MOR)
Reading Fc (ENG)2v2FC Zwolle (HOL)
Weirder Bremen (GER)1v3Santos (BRA)
EA Guingamp (FRA)4v3Auckland City (AUS)
KV Kortrijk (BEL)3v3Santos (BRA)
Auckland City (AUS)0v1Torino (ITA)
FC Zwolle (HOL)4v0Seattle Sounders (USA)
FC Sion (SWI)3v1Motherwell (SCO)
EA Guingamp (FRA)7v2Lechia Gdansk (POL)
Reading Fc (ENG)3v0Granada (SPA)
Academica (POR)0v2Raja Casablanca (MOR)
CD Colo-Colo (CHI)2v2Weirder Bremen (GER)
Motherwell (SCO)1v1Torino (ITA)
EA Guingamp (FRA)1v1CD Colo-Colo (CHI)
KV Kortrijk (BEL)3v1Academica (POR)
Santos (BRA)0v1FC Zwolle (HOL)
Seattle Sounders (USA)0v5Weirder Bremen (GER)
Lechia Gdansk (POL)0v0Reading Fc (ENG)
Auckland City (AUS)3v0FC Sion (SWI)
Granada (SPA)3v3Raja Casablanca (MOR)
CD Colo-Colo (CHI)1v2KV Kortrijk (BEL)
Auckland City (AUS)1v4EA Guingamp (FRA)
Weirder Bremen (GER)1v0Torino (ITA)
FC Sion (SWI)3v3Reading Fc (ENG)
Seattle Sounders (USA)0v3FC Zwolle (HOL)
Raja Casablanca (MOR)2v1Lechia Gdansk (POL)
Granada (SPA)6v1Motherwell (SCO)
FC Zwolle (HOL)1v4Torino (ITA)
Reading Fc (ENG)1v1CD Colo-Colo (CHI)
Granada (SPA)3v1EA Guingamp (FRA)
Seattle Sounders (USA)0v1Academica (POR)
Raja Casablanca (MOR)0v0Santos (BRA)
Auckland City (AUS)1v0KV Kortrijk (BEL)
FC Sion (SWI)3v0Motherwell (SCO)
Weirder Bremen (GER)0v2Santos (BRA)
EA Guingamp (FRA)3v4FC Zwolle (HOL)
Torino (ITA)3v1Lechia Gdansk (POL)
Raja Casablanca (MOR)1v1KV Kortrijk (BEL)
Reading Fc (ENG)4v1Seattle Sounders (USA)
CD Colo-Colo (CHI)2v1Academica (POR)
Granada (SPA)5v3Motherwell (SCO)
Academica (POR)1v3Weirder Bremen (GER)
Auckland City (AUS)1v0Santos (BRA)
Lechia Gdansk (POL)1v5FC Sion (SWI)
KV Kortrijk (BEL)1v2FC Sion (SWI)
Seattle Sounders (USA)1v1Lechia Gdansk (POL)
Santos (BRA)1v3Torino (ITA)
Motherwell (SCO)4v3Auckland City (AUS)
Academica (POR)1v2CD Colo-Colo (CHI)
Granada (SPA)1v0EA Guingamp (FRA)
Reading Fc (ENG)0v0Weirder Bremen (GER)
Raja Casablanca (MOR)0v1FC Zwolle (HOL)
Lechia Gdansk (POL)1v1Motherwell (SCO)
FC Sion (SWI)4v1KV Kortrijk (BEL)
Reading Fc (ENG)2v1Seattle Sounders (USA)
Santos (BRA)1v0Granada (SPA)
Torino (ITA)4v1CD Colo-Colo (CHI)
FC Zwolle (HOL)2v1Academica (POR)
Auckland City (AUS)2v3Weirder Bremen (GER)
Raja Casablanca (MOR)2v1EA Guingamp (FRA)
Raja Casablanca (MOR)6v1Lechia Gdansk (POL)
FC Zwolle (HOL)1v1Motherwell (SCO)
Reading Fc (ENG)4v0Granada (SPA)
Santos (BRA)2v0FC Sion (SWI)
EA Guingamp (FRA)0v0KV Kortrijk (BEL)
CD Colo-Colo (CHI)0v0Seattle Sounders (USA)
Auckland City (AUS)0v4Torino (ITA)
Weirder Bremen (GER)3v0Academica (POR)
Seattle Sounders (USA)1v4Weirder Bremen (GER)
Santos (BRA)2v2Torino (ITA)
Reading Fc (ENG)2v0Motherwell (SCO)
Lechia Gdansk (POL)0v0Raja Casablanca (MOR)
FC Zwolle (HOL)3v4KV Kortrijk (BEL)
FC Sion (SWI)3v0Granada (SPA)
Auckland City (AUS)1v1EA Guingamp (FRA)
Academica (POR)0v1CD Colo-Colo (CHI)
Torino (ITA)0v4Weirder Bremen (GER)
Santos (BRA)3v1Seattle Sounders (USA)
Raja Casablanca (MOR)0v2Reading Fc (ENG)
Lechia Gdansk (POL)0v5Motherwell (SCO)
Granada (SPA)0v1KV Kortrijk (BEL)
FC Sion (SWI)1v1FC Zwolle (HOL)
CD Colo-Colo (CHI)1v4EA Guingamp (FRA)
Academica (POR)1v2Auckland City (AUS)

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