Wordpox League, Season 0, Group B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Toh Weibin (twq)10100011170111720
2Ronald Baginski (Novice1)1070373625747914
3Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)1061353913540413
4Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)1060489842747112
5John O'Laughlin (olaugh)1060439610429212
6Chris Lipe (spherulitic)106043352577812
7Pete Zeigler (petezeigler)10406568682-1148
8Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)10406411576-1658
9Rick Fawns (Xoviat)10316227464-2377
10Erica Moore (whiskeknits)102081181033-9154
11Anlaug Frydenlund (Anlaug)10001001410-14100

Viewed 1377 times

Erica Moore (whiskeknits)0v281Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Erica Moore (whiskeknits)0v32Chris Lipe (spherulitic)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v106Erica Moore (whiskeknits)
Erica Moore (whiskeknits)0v76John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
Anlaug Frydenlund (Anlaug)0v127Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Anlaug Frydenlund (Anlaug)0v43Chris Lipe (spherulitic)
Erica Moore (whiskeknits)0v219Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)
Anlaug Frydenlund (Anlaug)0v12Erica Moore (whiskeknits)
Anlaug Frydenlund (Anlaug)0v145Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)
Anlaug Frydenlund (Anlaug)0v183Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Pete Zeigler (petezeigler)0v157Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Erica Moore (whiskeknits)0v24Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Ronald Baginski (Novice1)0v139Chris Lipe (spherulitic)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v19Chris Lipe (spherulitic)
John O'Laughlin (olaugh)0v24Chris Lipe (spherulitic)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v78Chris Lipe (spherulitic)
Anlaug Frydenlund (Anlaug)0v114Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Erica Moore (whiskeknits)0v262Pete Zeigler (petezeigler)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v47Pete Zeigler (petezeigler)
Anlaug Frydenlund (Anlaug)0v206Pete Zeigler (petezeigler)
Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v53Pete Zeigler (petezeigler)
Pete Zeigler (petezeigler)0v101John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v22Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v3Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)
Erica Moore (whiskeknits)0v73Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v83Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)0v0Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v81Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Pete Zeigler (petezeigler)0v143Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v160Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v106Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Anlaug Frydenlund (Anlaug)0v117John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)0v22John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
Erica Moore (whiskeknits)0v66Toh Weibin (twq)
Anlaug Frydenlund (Anlaug)0v228Toh Weibin (twq)
Pete Zeigler (petezeigler)0v50Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)
Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)0v100Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)
John O'Laughlin (olaugh)0v30Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)0v66John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
John O'Laughlin (olaugh)0v47Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v76Toh Weibin (twq)
Anlaug Frydenlund (Anlaug)0v235Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)0v211Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v143Toh Weibin (twq)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v47Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v109Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)0v28Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Pete Zeigler (petezeigler)0v33Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Ronald Baginski (Novice1)0v14John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)0v50Toh Weibin (twq)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v164Toh Weibin (twq)
Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)0v85Toh Weibin (twq)
Ronald Baginski (Novice1)0v104Toh Weibin (twq)
Pete Zeigler (petezeigler)0v198Toh Weibin (twq)
John O'Laughlin (olaugh)0v3Toh Weibin (twq)

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