Wordpox League of Elitism, Season 3, Division 3

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)86026714562612
2Brian Leavitt (Felly)860269030838212
3Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)860254735019712
4Quinn Aderyn (volucris)850375428347110
5John Van Pelt (jvp)850333422311110
6Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)8404464437278
7Raelene Moon Boots (boots77)8305166385-2196
8Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)8107105644-5392
9Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)800801056-10560

Viewed 1131 times

Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v15Raelene Moon Boots (boots77)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v102Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v136Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v105Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)
Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)0v13Raelene Moon Boots (boots77)
Raelene Moon Boots (boots77)0v31Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)0v189Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v81John Van Pelt (jvp)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v227Brian Leavitt (Felly)
Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)0v57Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v52Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
Raelene Moon Boots (boots77)0v162Quinn Aderyn (volucris)
Brian Leavitt (Felly)0v170Quinn Aderyn (volucris)
Brian Leavitt (Felly)0v138Raelene Moon Boots (boots77)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v215Quinn Aderyn (volucris)
John Van Pelt (jvp)0v92Brian Leavitt (Felly)
John Van Pelt (jvp)0v27Quinn Aderyn (volucris)
Raelene Moon Boots (boots77)0v23John Van Pelt (jvp)
Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)0v180Quinn Aderyn (volucris)
Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)0v23Brian Leavitt (Felly)
Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)0v27John Van Pelt (jvp)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v62Brian Leavitt (Felly)
Quinn Aderyn (volucris)0v142Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v198John Van Pelt (jvp)
Raelene Moon Boots (boots77)0v35Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)0v246Brian Leavitt (Felly)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v125Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
John Van Pelt (jvp)0v104Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Quinn Aderyn (volucris)0v90Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)0v155Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v175Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
Raelene Moon Boots (boots77)0v134Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)0v40Brian Leavitt (Felly)
Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)0v104Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)0v5John Van Pelt (jvp)
Quinn Aderyn (volucris)0v51Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)

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