Wordpox League of Elitism, Season 3, Division 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1John O'Laughlin (olaugh)87015764752914
2Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)870147715432314
3Ronald Baginski (Novice1)850337611026610
4Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)85032901949610
5Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)85032471707710
6Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)830534734166
7Rick Fawns (Xoviat)8305103315-2126
8Eric Zeigweid (Isengrim)810789672-5832
9Rod McNeil (decinormal)80080502-5020
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Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)0v154John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
Ronald Baginski (Novice1)0v60Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v43John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
Eric Zeigweid (Isengrim)0v33Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v39Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Eric Zeigweid (Isengrim)0v204Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v56Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Ronald Baginski (Novice1)0v15John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v91John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
Eric Zeigweid (Isengrim)0v64Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Ronald Baginski (Novice1)0v35Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v73Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v43Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Rod McNeil (decinormal)0v85Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Rod McNeil (decinormal)0v43Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Rod McNeil (decinormal)0v107Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Rod McNeil (decinormal)0v21Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Rod McNeil (decinormal)0v11Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Rod McNeil (decinormal)0v104John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
Rod McNeil (decinormal)0v42Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Rod McNeil (decinormal)0v89Eric Zeigweid (Isengrim)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v87Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v84Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v38Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Eric Zeigweid (Isengrim)0v61Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Eric Zeigweid (Isengrim)0v8Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v18Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v21John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
John O'Laughlin (olaugh)0v47Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Eric Zeigweid (Isengrim)0v148John O'Laughlin (olaugh)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v72Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Eric Zeigweid (Isengrim)0v154Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v86Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v49Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v130Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v90Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)

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