Wordpox League of Elitism, Season 3, Division 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ronald Credo (tiger2002)8800784078416
2Cecilia Le (wisemonkey)850369023745310
3Sam Rosin (samrosin)84045753821938
4Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)84045274231048
5Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)7403331433-1028
6Brian Bowman (saintmonday)8404212443-2318
7Toh Weibin (twq)8305427551-1246
8Teresa Kang (Toki)710671546-4752
9Chris Lipe (spherulitic)610560662-6022

Viewed 1076 times

Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v37Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v228Toh Weibin (twq)
Toh Weibin (twq)0v94Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v70Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v148Cecilia Le (wisemonkey)
Chris Lipe (spherulitic)0v179Sam Rosin (samrosin)
Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)0v60Chris Lipe (spherulitic)
Sam Rosin (samrosin)0v144Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)
Toh Weibin (twq)0v204Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)
Toh Weibin (twq)0v31Sam Rosin (samrosin)
Toh Weibin (twq)0v140Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v52Toh Weibin (twq)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v51Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)0v71Teresa Kang (Toki)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v83Cecilia Le (wisemonkey)
Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)0v265Cecilia Le (wisemonkey)
Cecilia Le (wisemonkey)0v147Toh Weibin (twq)
Toh Weibin (twq)0v82Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v9Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v263Sam Rosin (samrosin)
Sam Rosin (samrosin)0v51Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)
Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)0v89Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)
Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)0v135Cecilia Le (wisemonkey)
Sam Rosin (samrosin)0v59Cecilia Le (wisemonkey)
Cecilia Le (wisemonkey)0v85Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)0v79Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)0v157Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Sam Rosin (samrosin)0v128Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Cecilia Le (wisemonkey)0v5Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v88Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Brian Bowman (saintmonday)0v154Matt Bernardina (njdevil44)
Brian Bowman (saintmonday)0v67Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)
Brian Bowman (saintmonday)0v120Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Brian Bowman (saintmonday)0v102Sam Rosin (samrosin)

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