Wordpox League of Elitism, Season 2, Division 3

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)7601717371412
2Rod MacNeil (decinormal)75022962554110
3Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)74035941644308
4Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)74034283011278
5Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)7304226310-846
6Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)7304155372-2176
7John Van Pelt (jvp)7205245528-2834
8Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)710614742-7282

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Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v108Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v151Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v153Rod MacNeil (decinormal)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v14Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v3Rod MacNeil (decinormal)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v26Rod MacNeil (decinormal)
Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)0v28Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)
Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)0v25Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v19Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)
Rod MacNeil (decinormal)0v153Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)0v69Rod MacNeil (decinormal)
Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)0v160Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v76Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
John Van Pelt (jvp)0v45Rod MacNeil (decinormal)
Rod MacNeil (decinormal)0v102Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
Alyssa Faria (cheezchick)0v118John Van Pelt (jvp)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v90Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v235Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v127John Van Pelt (jvp)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v127Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
John Van Pelt (jvp)0v111Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v35Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
John Van Pelt (jvp)0v81Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)0v35Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v55Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
John Van Pelt (jvp)0v127Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
John Van Pelt (jvp)0v164Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)
Laurie Cohen (lauriecohen)0v238Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)

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