Wordpox League of Elitism, Season 2, Division 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sam Rosin (samrosin)76016021358912
2Brian Bowman (saintmonday)760133914919012
3Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)7403314242728
4Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)7403162395-2338
5Ronald Baginski (Novice1)73043792171626
6Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)7304236358-1226
7Rick Fawns (Xoviat)710631334-3032
8Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)710661416-3552

Viewed 1312 times

Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)0v50Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)0v33Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v61Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)0v76Sam Rosin (samrosin)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v49Sam Rosin (samrosin)
Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)0v131Sam Rosin (samrosin)
Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)0v90Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)0v144Sam Rosin (samrosin)
Ronald Baginski (Novice1)0v53Sam Rosin (samrosin)
Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)0v42Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Sam Rosin (samrosin)0v13Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)0v125Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v16Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v181Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)0v83Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v19Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v79Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v73Ronald Baginski (Novice1)
Brian Bowman (saintmonday)0v149Sam Rosin (samrosin)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v195Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)
Ronald Baginski (Novice1)0v150Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Ronald Baginski (Novice1)0v8Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)
Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)0v18Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v56Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)
Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)0v31Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Puneet Sharma (puneetsharma)0v28Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Ronald Baginski (Novice1)0v6Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)0v165Brian Bowman (saintmonday)

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