Wordpox League of Elitism, Season 1, Division 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Evans Clinchy (vinylchances)97024467337314
2Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)960368621147512
3Teresa Kang (Toki)960344816128712
4Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)960333810323512
5Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)950431919012910
6Rick Fawns (Xoviat)9405232480-2488
7Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)9306327331-46
8Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)9306132499-3676
9Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)930647565-5186
10Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)9207244606-3624
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Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v174Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v98Evans Clinchy (vinylchances)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v11Evans Clinchy (vinylchances)
Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)0v69Evans Clinchy (vinylchances)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v49Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v112Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v55Evans Clinchy (vinylchances)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v57Teresa Kang (Toki)
Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)0v93Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v8Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v59Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v95Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Evans Clinchy (vinylchances)0v28Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v41Evans Clinchy (vinylchances)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v5Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v71Evans Clinchy (vinylchances)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v39Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v57Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v55Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v188Teresa Kang (Toki)
Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)0v6Teresa Kang (Toki)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v9Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v58Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v67Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)0v29Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v75Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v102Teresa Kang (Toki)
Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)0v49Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v33Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v17Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v89Rick Fawns (Xoviat)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v126Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v132Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v183Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v101Evans Clinchy (vinylchances)
Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)0v35Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v35Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v138Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)
Eric Kinderman (Kinderphool)0v90Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)
Eric Ziegweid (Isengrim)0v120Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)
Evans Clinchy (vinylchances)0v45Teresa Kang (Toki)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v50Teresa Kang (Toki)
Rick Fawns (Xoviat)0v186Pete Zeigler (pbzeigler)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v33Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v47Rick Fawns (Xoviat)

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