Wordpox League of Elitism, Season 0

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ronald Credo (tiger2002)108027886272616
2Sam Rosin (Samrosin)107036999860114
3Brian Bowman (saintmonday)1070371416255214
4Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)1070349926223714
5Cecilia Le (Wisemonkey)1070343625018614
6Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)10406321294278
7Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)10406354433-798
8Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)104065151021-5068
9Evans Clinchy (Vinylchances)10307166741-5756
10Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)10208150695-5454
11Teresa Kang (Toki)10208270894-6244

Viewed 1122 times

Sam Rosin (Samrosin)190v0Teresa Kang (Toki)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v112Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v51Teresa Kang (Toki)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v8Sam Rosin (Samrosin)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v79Cecilia Le (Wisemonkey)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v133Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v138Sam Rosin (Samrosin)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v105Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Cecilia Le (Wisemonkey)0v79Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Sam Rosin (Samrosin)0v42Cecilia Le (Wisemonkey)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v29Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Evans Clinchy (Vinylchances)0v58Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Cecilia Le (Wisemonkey)0v78Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Ronald Credo (tiger2002)0v5Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v137Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v9Cecilia Le (Wisemonkey)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v105Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v92Evans Clinchy (Vinylchances)
Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)0v40Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v104Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v38Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v38Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v70Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Evans Clinchy (Vinylchances)0v4Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v49Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Evans Clinchy (Vinylchances)0v236Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v219Teresa Kang (Toki)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v122Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v299Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v113Ronald Credo (tiger2002)
Jeremy Hildebrand (quinquennia)0v53Evans Clinchy (Vinylchances)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v21Evans Clinchy (Vinylchances)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v112Cecilia Le (Wisemonkey)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v19Cecilia Le (Wisemonkey)
Evans Clinchy (Vinylchances)0v96Cecilia Le (Wisemonkey)
Sam Rosin (Samrosin)0v32Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v90Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)0v174Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)
Ronald Credo (tiger2002)0v57Sam Rosin (Samrosin)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v53Sam Rosin (Samrosin)
Evans Clinchy (Vinylchances)0v205Sam Rosin (Samrosin)
Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)0v48Sam Rosin (Samrosin)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v39Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Cecilia Le (Wisemonkey)0v93Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Evans Clinchy (Vinylchances)0v76Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v115Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)
Teresa Kang (Toki)0v174Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Shelley Ubeika (ScrabbleShells)0v11Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Sam Rosin (Samrosin)0v24Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Ronald Credo (tiger2002)26v0Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Kate Fukawa-Connelly (KateFC)0v111Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Evans Clinchy (Vinylchances)0v66Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Dorcas Alexander (DorcasA)0v299Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Cecilia Le (Wisemonkey)79v0Brian Bowman (saintmonday)
Bradley Whitmarsh (GoldfishBW)57v0Brian Bowman (saintmonday)

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