Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Broxburn Colts White87104473722
2Murieston United Blue106042828018
3Bathgate Thistle CFC65013192215
4Pumpherston United95041724-715
5Livingston FCBC104152829-113
6Gairdoch United FC Black73221810811
7Armadale Thistle82241319-68
8Murieston United Red101271749-325
9Broxburn Colts Red8026829-212

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Murieston United Red0v7Broxburn Colts White
Pumpherston United6v1Livingston FCBC
Broxburn Colts White4v1Gairdoch United FC Black
Armadale Thistle2v1Livingston FCBC
Murieston United Blue1v2Pumpherston United
Livingston FCBC0v4Murieston United Blue
Broxburn Colts White4v1Armadale Thistle
Gairdoch United FC Black1v1Livingston FCBC
Broxburn Colts Red2v2Murieston United Red
Murieston United Red0v1Pumpherston United
Broxburn Colts Red0v0Gairdoch United FC Black
Broxburn Colts Red2v5Livingston FCBC
Murieston United Blue1v7Bathgate Thistle CFC
Pumpherston United1v3Murieston United Blue
Armadale Thistle1v1Murieston United Red
Broxburn Colts Red1v5Bathgate Thistle CFC
Armadale Thistle2v2Broxburn Colts White
Murieston United Red3v9Livingston FCBC
Bathgate Thistle CFC6v2Armadale Thistle
Pumpherston United1v0Broxburn Colts Red
Broxburn Colts White12v0Murieston United Red
Murieston United Blue3v2Gairdoch United FC Black
Broxburn Colts Red2v5Murieston United Blue
Murieston United Red3v6Murieston United Blue
Livingston FCBC4v1Pumpherston United
Armadale Thistle0v3Gairdoch United FC Black
Broxburn Colts White2v1Bathgate Thistle CFC
Pumpherston United3v1Murieston United Red
Murieston United Blue2v1Armadale Thistle
Bathgate Thistle CFC4v2Livingston FCBC
Murieston United Blue2v3Livingston FCBC
Gairdoch United FC Black7v0Murieston United Red
Pumpherston United1v6Broxburn Colts White
Broxburn Colts Red0v4Armadale Thistle
Livingston FCBC2v4Gairdoch United FC Black
Broxburn Colts White7v1Murieston United Blue
Murieston United Red7v1Broxburn Colts Red
Bathgate Thistle CFC8v1Pumpherston United

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