Winter School 2014/15 Matchplay League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Biyi Adegbola32105057
2Fungai Chinembiri22008086
3Tony Galloway21102024
4James Haffner21016333
5Collins Magondo21013213
6Godfrey Muraya210123-13
7Lukas Mandangu310224-23
8Phanuel Mtape00000000
9Fungai Fundira00000000
10Gari Mbwanda100102-20
11Amos Mataba100103-30
12Steven Millen2002011-110
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Lukas Mandangu2v0Gari Mbwanda
Biyi Adegbola3v0Godfrey Muraya
Amos Mataba0v3Collins Magondo
Tony Galloway2v0Lukas Mandangu
Steven Millen0v5Fungai Chinembiri
James Haffner0v3Fungai Chinembiri
Godfrey Muraya2v0Collins Magondo
Lukas Mandangu0v2Biyi Adegbola
Biyi Adegbola0v0Tony Galloway
James Haffner6v0Steven Millen

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