Winter League Group 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Rob Munday1814042111298214
2Barry Mills1813052191487113
3Steve Zimmerman1813052011406113
4Neil Stevenson181008189188110
5Eloise Govier1890918418139
6Peter Mailing188010163199-368
7Martyn Gray187011171198-277
8Tony Richards186012167207-406
9James Gentry185013163207-445
10Paul Daisley185013139210-715

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Neil Stevenson7v13Barry Mills
Neil Stevenson13v10Barry Mills
Peter Mailing13v10Martyn Gray
Peter Mailing11v13Martyn Gray
Eloise Govier13v10Rob Munday
Eloise Govier3v13Rob Munday
Paul Daisley10v13Tony Richards
Paul Daisley12v13Tony Richards
Steve Zimmerman13v1James Gentry
Steve Zimmerman13v5James Gentry
Rob Munday13v12Barry Mills
Rob Munday0v13Barry Mills
Tony Richards10v13Neil Stevenson
Tony Richards10v13Neil Stevenson
Peter Mailing13v9Eloise Govier
Peter Mailing13v8Eloise Govier
James Gentry13v7Paul Daisley
James Gentry13v10Paul Daisley
Steve Zimmerman13v11Martyn Gray
Steve Zimmerman13v8Martyn Gray
Eloise Govier13v12Neil Stevenson
Eloise Govier13v7Neil Stevenson
Paul Daisley13v6Barry Mills
Paul Daisley6v13Barry Mills
Martyn Gray10v13Rob Munday
Martyn Gray5v13Rob Munday
James Gentry7v13Tony Richards
James Gentry9v13Tony Richards
Steve Zimmerman13v9Peter Mailing
Steve Zimmerman13v0Peter Mailing
Tony Richards7v13Rob Munday
Tony Richards8v13Rob Munday
Peter Mailing2v13Barry Mills
Peter Mailing7v13Barry Mills
James Gentry6v13Neil Stevenson
James Gentry10v13Neil Stevenson
Martyn Gray13v9Eloise Govier
Martyn Gray2v13Eloise Govier
Steve Zimmerman13v6Paul Daisley
Steve Zimmerman13v2Paul Daisley
Paul Daisley8v13Eloise Govier
Paul Daisley13v6Eloise Govier
James Gentry12v13Barry Mills
James Gentry13v12Barry Mills
Martyn Gray6v13Neil Stevenson
Martyn Gray13v3Neil Stevenson
Peter Mailing13v12Rob Munday
Peter Mailing3v13Rob Munday
Steve Zimmerman13v5Tony Richards
Steve Zimmerman13v1Tony Richards
Peter Mailing13v6Tony Richards
Peter Mailing13v10Tony Richards
James Gentry5v13Rob Munday
James Gentry5v13Rob Munday
Martyn Gray11v13Barry Mills
Martyn Gray3v13Barry Mills
Paul Daisley13v10Neil Stevenson
Paul Daisley2v13Neil Stevenson
Steve Zimmerman13v11Eloise Govier
Steve Zimmerman1v13Eloise Govier
Martyn Gray11v13Paul Daisley
Martyn Gray13v7Paul Daisley
James Gentry13v8Eloise Govier
James Gentry7v13Eloise Govier
Peter Mailing10v13Neil Stevenson
Peter Mailing8v13Neil Stevenson
Tony Richards13v10Barry Mills
Tony Richards11v13Barry Mills
Steve Zimmerman13v7Rob Munday
Steve Zimmerman8v13Rob Munday
James Gentry13v1Peter Mailing
James Gentry10v13Peter Mailing
Martyn Gray3v13Tony Richards
Martyn Gray13v4Tony Richards
Paul Daisley0v13Rob Munday
Paul Daisley0v13Rob Munday
Eloise Govier5v13Barry Mills
Eloise Govier8v13Barry Mills
Steve Zimmerman12v13Neil Stevenson
Steve Zimmerman13v9Neil Stevenson
James Gentry12v13Martyn Gray
James Gentry9v13Martyn Gray
Peter Mailing13v4Paul Daisley
Peter Mailing8v13Paul Daisley
Tony Richards10v13Eloise Govier
Tony Richards7v13Eloise Govier
Rob Munday13v4Neil Stevenson
Rob Munday13v7Neil Stevenson
Steve Zimmerman11v13Barry Mills
Steve Zimmerman0v13Barry Mills

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