Winter League Group 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Jack Blows1815032101268415
2Reece Gould1812061951425312
3Nick Baxter1812062091575212
4Phil Winston1810081871711610
5Ian Clitheroe18909153192-399
6Paolo Infantino188010171178-78
7Ross Jones187011166180-147
8Hussein Ben187011172195-237
9Vince Wills186012145192-476
10Bruce Rowland184014143218-754

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Reece Gould10v13Bruce Rowland
Reece Gould13v11Bruce Rowland
Jack Blows13v5Ross Jones
Jack Blows5v13Ross Jones
Vince Wills13v6Paolo Infantino
Vince Wills0v13Paolo Infantino
Hussein Ben12v13Ian Clitheroe
Hussein Ben6v13Ian Clitheroe
Nick Baxter13v6Phil Winston
Nick Baxter8v13Phil Winston
Ross Jones13v8Bruce Rowland
Ross Jones11v13Bruce Rowland
Paolo Infantino11v13Reece Gould
Paolo Infantino13v7Reece Gould
Ian Clitheroe4v13Jack Blows
Ian Clitheroe1v13Jack Blows
Phil Winston13v0Vince Wills
Phil Winston13v7Vince Wills
Nick Baxter13v11Hussein Ben
Nick Baxter13v8Hussein Ben
Jack Blows2v13Reece Gould
Jack Blows13v1Reece Gould
Vince Wills13v1Bruce Rowland
Vince Wills13v11Bruce Rowland
Hussein Ben0v13Ross Jones
Hussein Ben13v7Ross Jones
Phil Winston8v13Paolo Infantino
Phil Winston13v7Paolo Infantino
Nick Baxter12v13Ian Clitheroe
Nick Baxter11v13Ian Clitheroe
Phil Winston13v7Reece Gould
Phil Winston6v13Reece Gould
Bruce Rowland7v13Ian Clitheroe
Bruce Rowland7v13Ian Clitheroe
Nick Baxter13v6Vince Wills
Nick Baxter13v12Vince Wills
Hussein Ben12v13Jack Blows
Hussein Ben4v13Jack Blows
Paolo Infantino13v7Ross Jones
Paolo Infantino13v6Ross Jones
Vince Wills7v13Jack Blows
Vince Wills2v13Jack Blows
Hussein Ben7v13Reece Gould
Hussein Ben5v13Reece Gould
Phil Winston13v10Bruce Rowland
Phil Winston13v4Bruce Rowland
Ian Clitheroe4v13Ross Jones
Ian Clitheroe13v8Ross Jones
Nick Baxter13v2Paolo Infantino
Nick Baxter13v6Paolo Infantino
Jack Blows13v11Nick Baxter
Jack Blows13v11Nick Baxter
Vince Wills2v13Reece Gould
Vince Wills13v6Reece Gould
Hussein Ben13v7Bruce Rowland
Hussein Ben13v1Bruce Rowland
Phil Winston13v7Ross Jones
Phil Winston8v13Ross Jones
Paolo Infantino13v8Ian Clitheroe
Paolo Infantino13v2Ian Clitheroe
Hussein Ben13v10Vince Wills
Hussein Ben9v13Vince Wills
Phil Winston7v13Jack Blows
Phil Winston12v13Jack Blows
Ian Clitheroe0v13Reece Gould
Ian Clitheroe4v13Reece Gould
Paolo Infantino7v13Bruce Rowland
Paolo Infantino13v10Bruce Rowland
Nick Baxter13v7Ross Jones
Nick Baxter13v1Ross Jones
Phil Winston3v13Ian Clitheroe
Phil Winston13v10Ian Clitheroe
Hussein Ben13v9Paolo Infantino
Hussein Ben13v11Paolo Infantino
Vince Wills7v13Ross Jones
Vince Wills5v13Ross Jones
Jack Blows8v13Bruce Rowland
Jack Blows13v2Bruce Rowland
Nick Baxter13v8Reece Gould
Nick Baxter0v13Reece Gould
Phil Winston7v13Hussein Ben
Phil Winston13v7Hussein Ben
Ian Clitheroe3v13Vince Wills
Ian Clitheroe13v9Vince Wills
Paolo Infantino7v13Jack Blows
Paolo Infantino1v13Jack Blows
Ross Jones8v13Reece Gould
Ross Jones8v13Reece Gould
Nick Baxter13v8Bruce Rowland
Nick Baxter13v4Bruce Rowland

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