Winning League SS#4

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1BAR (Wat)83321413112
2MIL (Aon)83231112-111
3MAN (Pon)6312137610
4ARS (Nat)631269-310
5BAY (A)630310649
6TOT (Gof)82331214-29
7CHE (Ekk)82331217-59
8RMD (Gap)6222151148
9MAC (Big)52129907
10PSG (Ggo)512259-45

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PSG (Ggo)2v1RMD (Gap)
CHE (Ekk)3v3RMD (Gap)
RMD (Gap)3v3TOT (Gof)
CHE (Ekk)2v0TOT (Gof)
BAY (A)5v0CHE (Ekk)
CHE (Ekk)2v0MIL (Aon)
MIL (Aon)4v3CHE (Ekk)
TOT (Gof)1v3MAC (Big)
CHE (Ekk)0v0PSG (Ggo)
MAC (Big)1v1MIL (Aon)
TOT (Gof)1v1CHE (Ekk)
RMD (Gap)1v2MAC (Big)
MAN (Pon)2v2PSG (Ggo)
RMD (Gap)4v1CHE (Ekk)
TOT (Gof)3v1PSG (Ggo)
RMD (Gap)3v0PSG (Ggo)
MAN (Pon)1v0MIL (Aon)
ARS (Nat)2v1BAY (A)
BAY (A)1v0ARS (Nat)
MAN (Pon)0v2BAR (Wat)
BAR (Wat)1v3MAN (Pon)
ARS (Nat)0v0BAR (Wat)
ARS (Nat)0v6MAN (Pon)
MIL (Aon)0v1ARS (Nat)
BAR (Wat)1v3ARS (Nat)
MIL (Aon)2v1MAN (Pon)
BAR (Wat)2v2MIL (Aon)
BAR (Wat)2v2TOT (Gof)
BAY (A)2v0TOT (Gof)
TOT (Gof)2v0BAY (A)
MIL (Aon)2v1MAC (Big)
MAC (Big)2v4BAR (Wat)
BAY (A)1v2BAR (Wat)

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