Willowtown premier league 2016

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Stephen Jones 13102146222422
2Simon Price 13101246202621
3Robert Crosby 1392245212420
4Gareth Bromley 1372439281116
5Kelvin Williamson 1364341311016
6Marcus Hawkins 135443933614
7Chris Smith 125253432212
8Paul Biston 123633332112
9Ian Coombes 104332624211
10Peter Edwards 124262633-710
11Kevin Morris 132472841-138
12Josh Holmes 131481944-256
13John Hancock 1312102147-264
14Rhys Hares 1320111247-354
15Jeff Lloyd 00000000

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John Hancock 1v4Kelvin Williamson
Kevin Morris 4v0Josh Holmes
Simon Price 3v3Josh Holmes
Josh Holmes 4v0Rhys Hares
Gareth Bromley 0v4Ian Coombes
Gareth Bromley 4v0Josh Holmes
Gareth Bromley 4v1Peter Edwards
Stephen Jones 4v1Chris Smith
Robert Crosby 4v2Marcus Hawkins
Kelvin Williamson 3v3Paul Biston
Ian Coombes 3v3Stephen Jones
Marcus Hawkins 3v3Kevin Morris
Chris Smith 2v4Gareth Bromley
Peter Edwards 2v4Stephen Jones
Simon Price 1v4Robert Crosby
John Hancock 4v1Josh Holmes
Stephen Jones 4v2Kelvin Williamson
Rhys Hares 0v4Marcus Hawkins
Peter Edwards 4v0Paul Biston
Kevin Morris 0v4Simon Price
Peter Edwards 3v3Chris Smith
Josh Holmes 0v4Paul Biston
Marcus Hawkins 4v2John Hancock
Kelvin Williamson 1v4Gareth Bromley
Simon Price 4v0Rhys Hares
John Hancock 0v4Chris Smith
Robert Crosby 4v1Kevin Morris
Stephen Jones 4v0Josh Holmes
Paul Biston 3v3Marcus Hawkins
Kevin Morris 2v4Kelvin Williamson
Chris Smith 4v1Rhys Hares
John Hancock 1v4Simon Price
Peter Edwards 1v4Kelvin Williamson
Rhys Hares 0v4Robert Crosby
Stephen Jones 4v2Marcus Hawkins
Kelvin Williamson 4v2Robert Crosby
Paul Biston 2v4Simon Price
Ian Coombes 4v1Kevin Morris
John Hancock 1v4Robert Crosby
Chris Smith 3v3Kelvin Williamson
Rhys Hares 4v1Kevin Morris
Marcus Hawkins 4v2Gareth Bromley
John Hancock 1v4Peter Edwards
Rhys Hares 1v4Ian Coombes
Simon Price 4v0Stephen Jones
Josh Holmes 0v4Peter Edwards
Robert Crosby 3v3Paul Biston
Kevin Morris 4v1John Hancock
Kelvin Williamson 4v1Ian Coombes
Gareth Bromley 4v2Simon Price
Peter Edwards 0v4Marcus Hawkins
Kelvin Williamson 4v0Rhys Hares
Stephen Jones 4v1Robert Crosby
Chris Smith 4v2Josh Holmes
Paul Biston 3v3Kevin Morris
John Hancock 2v4Rhys Hares
Simon Price 4v0Peter Edwards
Robert Crosby 3v3Gareth Bromley
Ian Coombes 3v3John Hancock
Marcus Hawkins 4v1Chris Smith
Kevin Morris 1v4Stephen Jones
Josh Holmes 3v3Ian Coombes
Rhys Hares 0v4Paul Biston
Marcus Hawkins 2v4Simon Price
Gareth Bromley 1v4Stephen Jones
Peter Edwards 0v4Robert Crosby
Chris Smith 2v4Simon Price
Gareth Bromley 3v3Kevin Morris
Ian Coombes 4v1Marcus Hawkins
Stephen Jones 4v0Rhys Hares
Kelvin Williamson 3v3Josh Holmes
Paul Biston 3v3John Hancock
Robert Crosby 4v2Chris Smith
Gareth Bromley 2v4Paul Biston
Kevin Morris 3v3Peter Edwards
Simon Price 4v0Ian Coombes
Rhys Hares 0v4Gareth Bromley
Paul Biston 1v4Chris Smith
Marcus Hawkins 3v3Kelvin Williamson
John Hancock 2v4Stephen Jones
Josh Holmes 3v3Marcus Hawkins
Chris Smith 4v2Kevin Morris
Ian Coombes 0v4Robert Crosby
Peter Edwards 4v2Rhys Hares
Kelvin Williamson 2v4Simon Price
Gareth Bromley 4v0John Hancock
Josh Holmes 0v4Robert Crosby
Stephen Jones 3v3Paul Biston

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