Willen world cup

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Great Linford Bulldogs752081717
2City Colts Vipers751184416
3Tattenhoe Reds641151413
5Crawley Greens Royals731388010
6Newport Lions722345-18
7Mortonville JFC613212-16
8Willen Tigers Red720525-36
9Shenley Tigers8017112-111

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Newport Lions0v1City Colts Vipers
Tattenhoe Reds2v0Shenley Tigers
Great Linford Bulldogs1v0Willen Tigers Red
Shenley Tigers0v2Castlethorpe
Crawley Greens Royals1v0Tattenhoe Reds
Castlethorpe1v2City Colts Vipers
Newport Lions0v0Mortonville JFC
Shenley Tigers0v1Willen Tigers Red
City Colts Vipers0v1Great Linford Bulldogs
Castlethorpe0v1Willen Tigers Red
Crawley Greens Royals0v3Newport Lions
City Colts Vipers1v0Shenley Tigers
Great Linford Bulldogs1v0Mortonville JFC
Tattenhoe Reds1v0Newport Lions
Crawley Greens Royals0v0Great Linford Bulldogs
Mortonville JFC0v0Shenley Tigers
Willen Tigers Red0v1City Colts Vipers
Mortonville JFC0v1Castlethorpe
Tattenhoe Reds0v0Great Linford Bulldogs
Shenley Tigers0v3Crawley Greens Royals
Willen Tigers Red0v1Mortonville JFC
Castlethorpe2v1Crawley Greens Royals
Great Linford Bulldogs3v0Newport Lions
City Colts Vipers0v0Mortonville JFC
Crawley Greens Royals1v0Willen Tigers Red
Castlethorpe0v1Tattenhoe Reds
Newport Lions1v0Shenley Tigers
City Colts Vipers3v2Crawley Greens Royals
Willen Tigers Red0v1Tattenhoe Reds
Newport Lions0v0Castlethorpe
Shenley Tigers1v2Great Linford Bulldogs

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