Willen Tourney

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Tattenhoe Youth Tigers22008086
2MK Gallacticos21104044
3Willen Dragons White11001013
4Woburn Hurricanes10101102
5Winslow Utd Tigers10101102
6City Colts Cougars10100001
7Deanshanger Colts00000000
8Willen Slayers200206-60
9MK City Orange200207-70

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Tattenhoe Youth Tigers5v0Willen Slayers
MK City Orange0v4MK Gallacticos
Winslow Utd Tigers1v1Woburn Hurricanes
Willen Dragons White1v0Willen Slayers
MK City Orange0v3Tattenhoe Youth Tigers
MK Gallacticos0v0City Colts Cougars

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