Wigan Pool League Division 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Q8 Sports bar C16140276364028
2St Thomas's17120569501924
3Cherry Gardens15120361441724
4Hare and Hounds1810086363020
6Newtown WMC1790869501918
7Earl of Balcarres178095861-316
8Douglas Bank A1880105670-1416
9St Judes SC1760115861-312
10Brickmakers B1620144171-304
11Springfield B1820164185-444

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Douglas Bank A3v4Cherry Gardens
Earl of Balcarres3v4St Judes SC
Hare and Hounds3v4Springfield B
Q8 Sports bar C5v2Newtown WMC
Brickmakers B5v2Honeysuckle
St Judes SC2v5Newtown WMC
Springfield B3v4St Thomas's
Hare and Hounds5v2Douglas Bank A
Honeysuckle2v5Q8 Sports bar C
Earl of Balcarres4v3Springfield B
St Judes SC3v4Honeysuckle
St Thomas's5v2Hare and Hounds
Douglas Bank A4v3Brickmakers B
Cherry Gardens4v3St Judes SC
Springfield B1v6Newtown WMC
Hare and Hounds2v5Earl of Balcarres
St Thomas's7v0Douglas Bank A
Brickmakers B2v5Q8 Sports bar C
Springfield B3v4Honeysuckle
Earl of Balcarres2v5St Thomas's
Newtown WMC3v4Hare and Hounds
St Judes SC4v3Brickmakers B
Douglas Bank A2v5Q8 Sports bar C
Q8 Sports bar C4v3St Judes SC
Cherry Gardens6v1Springfield B
St Thomas's5v2Newtown WMC
Hare and Hounds4v3Honeysuckle
Earl of Balcarres5v2Douglas Bank A
Douglas Bank A2v5St Judes SC
Newtown WMC4v3Earl of Balcarres
Honeysuckle5v2St Thomas's
Cherry Gardens5v2Hare and Hounds
Springfield B4v3Brickmakers B
Douglas Bank A2v5St Thomas's
St Thomas's3v4Cherry Gardens
Q8 Sports bar C5v2Springfield B
Honeysuckle4v3Earl of Balcarres
Brickmakers B3v4Hare and Hounds
Newtown WMC6v1Douglas Bank A
Cherry Gardens2v5Earl of Balcarres
Springfield B2v5St Judes SC
Honeysuckle4v3Newtown WMC
Hare and Hounds2v5Q8 Sports bar C
St Thomas's6v1Brickmakers B
Hare and Hounds4v3Brickmakers B
Earl of Balcarres2v5Newtown WMC
St Judes SC3v4Hare and Hounds
Newtown WMC3v4Cherry Gardens
Earl of Balcarres5v2Brickmakers B
Honeysuckle1v6Douglas Bank A
Q8 Sports bar C5v2St Thomas's
Cherry Gardens3v4Honeysuckle
St Thomas's2v5St Judes SC
Douglas Bank A4v3Springfield B
Brickmakers B1v6Newtown WMC
Q8 Sports bar C5v2Earl of Balcarres
Cherry Gardens4v3Douglas Bank A
St Judes SC3v4Earl of Balcarres
Springfield B3v4Hare and Hounds
Newtown WMC3v4Q8 Sports bar C
Honeysuckle4v3Brickmakers B
Newtown WMC5v2St Judes SC
St Thomas's4v3Springfield B
Douglas Bank A3v4Hare and Hounds
Brickmakers B2v5Cherry Gardens
Q8 Sports bar C5v2Honeysuckle
Cherry Gardens4v3Q8 Sports bar C
Springfield B3v4Earl of Balcarres
Honeysuckle4v3St Judes SC
Hare and Hounds3v4St Thomas's
Brickmakers B2v5Douglas Bank A
St Judes SC3v4Cherry Gardens
Newtown WMC6v1Springfield B
Earl of Balcarres2v5Hare and Hounds
Q8 Sports bar C6v1Brickmakers B
Honeysuckle6v1Springfield B
St Thomas's4v3Earl of Balcarres
Hare and Hounds3v4Newtown WMC
Brickmakers B3v4St Judes SC
Q8 Sports bar C3v4Douglas Bank A
St Judes SC3v4Q8 Sports bar C
Springfield B1v6Cherry Gardens
Newtown WMC3v4St Thomas's
Honeysuckle4v3Hare and Hounds
Douglas Bank A5v2Earl of Balcarres
St Judes SC3v4Douglas Bank A
St Thomas's4v3Honeysuckle
Brickmakers B4v3Springfield B
Hare and Hounds5v2Cherry Gardens
Cherry Gardens4v3St Thomas's
Springfield B0v7Q8 Sports bar C
Earl of Balcarres4v3Honeysuckle
Douglas Bank A4v3Newtown WMC

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