WHKinsey Shuffleboard

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Liam Mosley440049133612
2Gustav Ljungqvist440045271812
3James Smith43014531149
4Adam Murray43013824149
5Lorenzo Aversa43014131109
6Antonio Maldonado Ostios4202383086
7John Bassett4202373346
8Andy Stogdale42023439-56
9Wayne Field42023446-126
10Michael Naughton41033341-83
11Rob Taylor41033038-83
12Sujatha Duraikkannan41033140-93
13Michelle Unterbrink41033244-123
14Sarah Holcomb41032542-173
15Laura Blancarte40041447-330

Viewed 180 times

Michael Naughton7v12Liam Mosley
Sarah Holcomb7v12James Smith
Wayne Field5v12Adam Murray
Lorenzo Aversa5v12Sujatha Duraikkannan
Michael Naughton10v11Andy Stogdale
Michelle Unterbrink10v11Wayne Field
John Bassett11v8Laura Blancarte
James Smith11v8Sujatha Duraikkannan
Michelle Unterbrink7v13Andy Stogdale
Sarah Holcomb7v13Lorenzo Aversa
Rob Taylor5v11Adam Murray
Antonio Maldonado Ostios5v11Sarah Holcomb
Wayne Field6v14Antonio Maldonado Ostios
John Bassett6v14Michael Naughton
Andy Stogdale2v11Adam Murray
Rob Taylor2v11Gustav Ljungqvist
James Smith10v12Gustav Ljungqvist
Rob Taylor10v12Wayne Field
Michael Naughton2v12Antonio Maldonado Ostios
Laura Blancarte2v12Liam Mosley
Sarah Holcomb0v12Liam Mosley
Laura Blancarte0v12John Bassett
Laura Blancarte4v12James Smith
Adam Murray4v12Lorenzo Aversa
Antonio Maldonado Ostios7v11Michelle Unterbrink
Sujatha Duraikkannan7v11Gustav Ljungqvist
Sujatha Duraikkannan4v13Liam Mosley
Michelle Unterbrink4v13Rob Taylor
Andy Stogdale8v11Gustav Ljungqvist
John Bassett8v11Lorenzo Aversa

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