West Inline A League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Rhyl Renegades960351331812
3Shrewsbury Wildcats95134840811
4Leasowes Sharks104065053-38
6Halton Blackhawks73043134-36
7Newport Knights113083277-456
8Hitmen A92163245-135
9Green Dragons60061258-460

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Hitmen A3v8Leasowes Sharks
Shrewsbury Wildcats2v9Predators
Green Dragons3v10Leasowes Sharks
Hitmen A4v7Predators
Shrewsbury Wildcats6v5Leasowes Sharks
Stokemon14v1Newport Knights
Rhyl Renegades3v2Hitmen A
Leasowes Sharks3v10Stokemon
Newport Knights4v14Hitmen A
Rhyl Renegades7v4Leasowes Sharks
Leasowes Sharks7v5Newport Knights
Stokemon6v2Hitmen A
Halton Blackhawks5v9Rhyl Renegades
Shrewsbury Wildcats5v7Newport Knights
Shrewsbury Wildcats1v6Rhyl Renegades
Halton Blackhawks4v5Newport Knights
Halton Blackhawks7v2Hitmen A
Newport Knights0v10Stokemon
Leasowes Sharks4v6Halton Blackhawks
Stokemon7v0Hitmen A
Newport Knights2v3Leasowes Sharks
Halton Blackhawks0v6Stokemon
Hitmen A3v1Newport Knights
Green Dragons3v5Halton Blackhawks
Shrewsbury Wildcats2v2Hitmen A
Newport Knights5v1Green Dragons
Shrewsbury Wildcats5v4Halton Blackhawks
Rhyl Renegades1v5Stokemon
Shrewsbury Wildcats5v4Leasowes Sharks
Stokemon6v2Leasowes Sharks
Predators5v1Rhyl Renegades
Rhyl Renegades4v8Stokemon
Shrewsbury Wildcats13v2Green Dragons
Newport Knights1v7Rhyl Renegades
Stokemon12v1Green Dragons
Newport Knights1v9Shrewsbury Wildcats
Green Dragons2v13Rhyl Renegades

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