Welsh National League Prem Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Queens Park87013883021
2Brickfield Rangers 95313092118
3Hawarden Rangers642093614
5FC Nomads of CQ64111810813
6Chirk AAA7412179813
7Llanuwchllyn 5311107310
9Coedpoeth United 6204713-66
11Cefn Albion 81341428-146
12Llay Welfare8134923-146
13Saltney Town8116917-84
14Overton 8008743-360

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Coedpoeth United 0v3Brickfield Rangers
Saltney Town2v2Cefn Albion
Overton 1v11Queens Park
Brickfield Rangers 10v1Llay Welfare
Saltney Town0v1Coedpoeth United
Queens Park6v1Penycae
Overton 1v8Brickfield Rangers
Llay Welfare1v1FC Nomads of CQ
Hawarden Rangers0v0Llanuwchllyn
Chirk AAA2v1Corwen
Cefn Albion 0v2Brymbo
Penycae3v1Saltney Town
Llanuwchllyn 2v1Chirk AAA
Cefn Albion 1v8Queens Park
Brymbo2v0Llay Welfare
Brickfield Rangers 0v0Hawarden Rangers
Overton 2v7Cefn Albion
Llanuwchllyn 4v2Penycae
Hawarden Rangers2v1Saltney Town
Coedpoeth United 1v5Llay Welfare
Cefn Albion 1v5FC Nomads of CQ
Brymbo1v5Queens Park
Brickfield Rangers 2v2Chirk AAA
Llay Welfare0v2Hawarden Rangers
FC Nomads of CQ3v1Saltney Town
Corwen2v0Coedpoeth United
Chirk AAA7v1Cefn Albion
Brickfield Rangers 1v2Queens Park
Overton 1v2Penycae
Saltney Town2v3Chirk AAA
Queens Park0v3Corwen
FC Nomads of CQ6v4Penycae
Llay Welfare1v1Brickfield Rangers
Saltney Town1v0Brymbo
Hawarden Rangers2v1FC Nomads of CQ
Coedpoeth United 4v0Overton
Cefn Albion 1v1Llay Welfare
Queens Park1v0Chirk AAA
Llanuwchllyn 0v2Corwen
Brickfield Rangers 2v1Penycae
Overton 2v4Llanuwchllyn
FC Nomads of CQ2v1Brymbo
Coedpoeth United 1v3Hawarden Rangers
Brickfield Rangers 3v1Saltney Town
Llay Welfare0v5Queens Park
Corwen1v1Cefn Albion
Chirk AAA2v0Penycae

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