Welsh Football League Div 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Caerau (ELY)85211771017
2Ton Pentre 85121410416
3Cambrian & Clydach Vale BGC85121615116
4Barry Town United 7421134914
5Goytre 84222315814
6Afan Lido94231613314
7Cwmbran Celtic 7412137613
8Goytre United9333109112
9Haverfordwest County 93241318-511
10Taffs Well 9324914-511
11Risca United73131212010
12Undy Athletic 83141314-110
13Penybont 72141314-17
14Port Talbot Town8215618-127
15Monmouth Town81251420-65
16Caldicot Town81071123-123

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Haverfordwest County 0v4Afan Lido
Goytre United0v0Taffs Well
Ton Pentre 2v1Goytre
Caldicot Town0v3Undy Athletic
Caerau (ELY)2v0Port Talbot Town
Afan Lido4v3Monmouth Town
Taffs Well 1v2Cambrian & Clydach Vale BGC
Haverfordwest County 1v1Goytre United
Undy Athletic 1v0Cwmbran Celtic
Risca United1v2Ton Pentre
Port Talbot Town1v0Taffs Well
Monmouth Town2v4Haverfordwest County
Goytre United1v2Cambrian & Clydach Vale BGC
Goytre 1v1Caerau (ELY)
Barry Town United 5v2Caldicot Town
Afan Lido3v0Penybont
Ton Pentre 3v2Caldicot Town
Taffs Well 1v5Goytre
Monmouth Town1v1Goytre United
Haverfordwest County 1v4Penybont
Cwmbran Celtic 2v1Barry Town United
Cambrian & Clydach Vale BGC2v2Port Talbot Town
Caerau (ELY)6v1Risca United
Afan Lido2v2Undy Athletic
Risca United0v1Taffs Well
Undy Athletic 2v3Haverfordwest County
Ton Pentre 2v0Cwmbran Celtic
Penybont 6v1Monmouth Town
Goytre United3v0Port Talbot Town
Goytre 3v4Cambrian & Clydach Vale BGC
Caldicot Town1v0Caerau (ELY)
Barry Town United 3v0Afan Lido
Taffs Well 3v0Caldicot Town
Port Talbot Town1v4Goytre
Penybont 1v2Goytre United
Monmouth Town6v1Undy Athletic
Haverfordwest County 0v0Barry Town United
Cambrian & Clydach Vale BGC1v3Risca United
Caerau (ELY)2v2Cwmbran Celtic
Afan Lido1v0Ton Pentre
Risca United4v0Port Talbot Town
Undy Athletic 4v0Penybont
Ton Pentre 1v2Haverfordwest County
Goytre United1v3Goytre
Cwmbran Celtic 4v0Taffs Well
Caldicot Town2v3Cambrian & Clydach Vale BGC
Caerau (ELY)3v1Afan Lido
Barry Town United 2v0Monmouth Town
Undy Athletic 0v1Goytre United
Ton Pentre 1v1Monmouth Town
Port Talbot Town2v1Caldicot Town
Penybont 0v0Barry Town United
Haverfordwest County 1v2Caerau (ELY)
Goytre 2v2Risca United
Cambrian & Clydach Vale BGC1v3Cwmbran Celtic
Taffs Well 1v1Afan Lido
Ton Pentre 3v2Penybont
Taffs Well 2v1Haverfordwest County
Goytre United0v1Risca United
Cwmbran Celtic 2v0Port Talbot Town
Caldicot Town3v4Goytre
Caerau (ELY)1v0Monmouth Town
Barry Town United 2v0Undy Athletic
Afan Lido0v1Cambrian & Clydach Vale BGC

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