Wednesday Mixed

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sandivers 22180470147222972
3Drunken Monkeys22101115905286242
4Dust Devils216015457629-17224
5Foremans 141013216470-2544

Viewed 667 times

Drunken Monkeys3v2Foremans
Newbies26v26Drunken Monkeys
Drunken Monkeys23v36Dust Devils
Sandivers 28v23Newbies
Sandivers 26v25Dust Devils
Newbies17v32Drunken Monkeys
Newbies25v13Dust Devils
Dust Devils20v28Sandivers
Drunken Monkeys31v18Sandivers
Newbies23v25Dust Devils
Newbies38v20Drunken Monkeys
Drunken Monkeys27v30Sandivers
Dust Devils22v39Sandivers
Drunken Monkeys15v26Newbies
Sandivers 22v30Newbies
Sandivers 30v22Dust Devils
Drunken Monkeys18v22Dust Devils
Drunken Monkeys25v27Sandivers
Drunken Monkeys32v17Dust Devils
Dust Devils48v11Foremans
Sandivers 27v18Dust Devils
Sandivers 28v27Drunken Monkeys
Drunken Monkeys28v27Newbies
Dust Devils13v29Newbies
Dust Devils38v19Foremans
Sandivers 62v11Foremans
Sandivers 15v36Drunken Monkeys
Sandivers 49v16Foremans
Dust Devils22v40Drunken Monkeys
Dust Devils5v33Foremans
Sandivers 33v17Newbies
Newbies29v27Drunken Monkeys
Drunken Monkeys22v30Sandivers
Drunken Monkeys43v14Foremans
Newbies34v23Dust Devils
Sandivers 33v13Dust Devils
Sandivers 44v17Foremans
Sandivers 62v11Dust Devils
Drunken Monkeys17v31Newbies
Drunken Monkeys47v14Dust Devils
Foremans 24v32Dust Devils
Foremans 22v35Drunken Monkeys
Drunken Monkeys16v37Newbies
Sandivers 20v27Newbies
Sandivers 26v18Dust Devils

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