Wednesday Ladies B Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Beach Bums22180479040238872
2Pink Bites22170576952124868
3Flying Penguins22130970355714652
4Pink Panthers226016588874-28624
5Block Party221021445941-4964

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Flying Penguins28v35Pink Bites
Beach Bums24v21Pink Bites
Pink Panthers28v36Flying Penguins
Block Party15v37Beach Bums
Block Party39v33Pink Panthers
Pink Bites34v24Block Party
Flying Penguins38v20Block Party
Pink Panthers27v31Pink Bites
Beach Bums32v15Flying Penguins
Beach Bums47v15Pink Panthers
Beach Bums18v36Pink Panthers
Pink Bites15v28Beach Bums
Flying Penguins38v17Pink Bites
Block Party27v34Pink Panthers
Block Party23v39Flying Penguins
Flying Penguins49v28Pink Panthers
Pink Bites56v21Pink Panthers
Beach Bums44v12Flying Penguins
Block Party27v43Pink Bites
Block Party17v45Beach Bums
Pink Bites20v19Flying Penguins
Pink Bites36v21Flying Penguins
Block Party20v46Flying Penguins
Beach Bums23v30Pink Bites
Pink Panthers48v23Block Party
Pink Panthers21v43Beach Bums
Pink Bites49v23Pink Panthers
Block Party37v38Pink Panthers
Beach Bums31v24Pink Bites
Flying Penguins38v29Block Party
Flying Penguins18v33Beach Bums
Pink Panthers11v50Flying Penguins
Block Party17v46Pink Bites
Beach Bums57v11Pink Panthers
Beach Bums58v6Block Party
Flying Penguins43v17Pink Panthers
Pink Bites43v17Pink Panthers
Beach Bums30v16Flying Penguins
Block Party14v47Pink Bites
Block Party12v45Beach Bums
Pink Bites30v22Flying Penguins
Block Party10v68Flying Penguins
Beach Bums29v22Pink Bites
Pink Panthers63v13Block Party
Pink Panthers17v50Beach Bums
Block Party24v34Pink Bites
Pink Panthers25v41Pink Bites
Flying Penguins40v8Block Party
Beach Bums42v17Pink Panthers
Beach Bums21v28Flying Penguins
Pink Panthers23v51Pink Bites
Flying Penguins16v44Pink Bites
Block Party29v35Pink Panthers
Beach Bums21v23Flying Penguins
Beach Bums32v11Block Party

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