Wednesday Ladies B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Good One18120663246716548
2Sixy Beaches18111663749913846
3Setting Ducks16101561237923342
4Hit & Miss18101773750623142
5The Aunties1891864549714838
6Go Set Go14707451453-228
8Where My Beaches At1810173101166-8564

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Go Set Go20v33Sixy Beaches
Good One22v34Setting Ducks
Sixy Beaches35v36Hit & Miss
Where My Beaches At23v59Hit & Miss
Where My Beaches At10v81Setting Ducks
Go Set Go53v19Smashing
The Aunties41v30Smashing
The Aunties59v18Good One
Sixy Beaches36v27The Aunties
The Aunties26v34Good One
Setting Ducks35v22Go Set Go
Smashing56v18Where My Beaches At
Sixy Beaches64v21Where My Beaches At
Setting Ducks22v25Smashing
Good One30v21Hit & Miss
Hit & Miss36v29Go Set Go
Sixy Beaches24v34Good One
The Aunties23v37Good One
Smashing65v14Where My Beaches At
Hit & Miss18v33Sixy Beaches
The Aunties25v38Smashing
Hit & Miss42v24Go Set Go
Where My Beaches At33v41Go Set Go
Sixy Beaches36v34Hit & Miss
Hit & Miss84v10Where My Beaches At
Setting Ducks77v10Where My Beaches At
Smashing16v40Good One
Smashing33v30The Aunties
Sixy Beaches29v22The Aunties
Good One34v15Setting Ducks
The Aunties29v22Sixy Beaches
Sixy Beaches36v34Hit & Miss
Hit & Miss84v10Where My Beaches At
Where My Beaches At10v77Setting Ducks
Good One34v15Setting Ducks
Smashing33v30The Aunties
Smashing16v41Good One
Setting Ducks15v31Good One
Setting Ducks36v20The Aunties
Sixy Beaches15v47Good One
Hit & Miss18v50Sixy Beaches
Go Set Go24v31Hit & Miss
Where My Beaches At16v60Go Set Go
Smashing30v32The Aunties
Smashing52v33Where My Beaches At
The Aunties31v26Hit & Miss
The Aunties39v22Where My Beaches At
Good One81v10Where My Beaches At
Sixy Beaches51v21Go Set Go
Sixy Beaches29v29Setting Ducks
Hit & Miss26v40Good One
Setting Ducks46v22Smashing
Smashing27v36Go Set Go
The Aunties59v17Where My Beaches At
Setting Ducks27v28Go Set Go
Setting Ducks30v28Sixy Beaches
Sixy Beaches45v24Smashing
Hit & Miss48v26Smashing
Hit & Miss82v12Where My Beaches At
The Aunties37v28Good One
Go Set Go44v34Good One
Where My Beaches At5v92The Aunties
Go Set Go19v44Sixy Beaches
Good One13v36Where My Beaches At
The Aunties23v23Hit & Miss
Smashing25v30Go Set Go
Good One34v35Hit & Miss
Smashing27v37Setting Ducks
Sixy Beaches27v36Setting Ducks

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