Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Da Girls22200273136736480
2We Get It22170565944221768
3How I Set Your Mother22150766556410160
4I’d Hit That22110116045941044
5Not A Fight Club2211011625640-1544
7Smashed Unicorns2210111604655-5142
8Haikya 13904285311-2636
9Hit & Miss226115566617-5126
10Volley Wobblers 226115592721-12926
11Bunch Of Beaches221021486851-3654

Viewed 40 times

Haikya 10v0Extra
Haikya 10v0Extra
Haikya 10v0Extra
We Get It30v21LIGMA
Da Girls25v20LIGMA
Da Girls27v16We Get It
I’d Hit That24v29Not A Fight Club
Bunch Of Beaches26v29Not A Fight Club
Hit & Miss15v36I’d Hit That
Smashed Unicorns35v23Bunch Of Beaches
Haikya 29v28Hit & Miss
Volley Wobblers 26v29Smashed Unicorns
How I Set Your Mother37v17Haikya
How I Set Your Mother35v15Volley Wobblers
We Get It31v15How I Set Your Mother
Hit & Miss23v40How I Set Your Mother
Hit & Miss16v29We Get It
I’d Hit That30v29Smashed Unicorns
Bunch Of Beaches17v43Smashed Unicorns
Volley Wobblers 21v34I’d Hit That
Not A Fight Club32v17Bunch Of Beaches
LIGMA29v21Volley Wobblers
Da Girls32v18Not A Fight Club
Haikya 23v19LIGMA
Haikya 15v50Da Girls
Smashed Unicorns26v32Bunch Of Beaches
Smashed Unicorns32v24Not A Fight Club
Bunch Of Beaches20v32Haikya
Haikya 31v28Volley Wobblers
Hit & Miss37v12Volley Wobblers
How I Set Your Mother21v24Not A Fight Club
LIGMA21v36Hit & Miss
We Get It32v26How I Set Your Mother
Da Girls29v13LIGMA
I’d Hit That22v26We Get It
I’d Hit That15v30Da Girls
How I Set Your Mother30v22Volley Wobblers
Bunch Of Beaches27v43Volley Wobblers
Smashed Unicorns15v39How I Set Your Mother
Not A Fight Club42v21Bunch Of Beaches
Haikya 25v38Smashed Unicorns
Hit & Miss23v28Not A Fight Club
Hit & Miss34v20Haikya
Da Girls18v19We Get It
I’d Hit That13v46We Get It
LIGMA17v27Da Girls
LIGMA28v20I’d Hit That
Haikya 34v33Not A Fight Club
LIGMA33v25Not A Fight Club
Smashed Unicorns24v29Haikya
How I Set Your Mother30v21LIGMA
We Get It36v12Smashed Unicorns
I’d Hit That19v28How I Set Your Mother
I’d Hit That19v29We Get It
Hit & Miss44v14Bunch Of Beaches
Volley Wobblers 30v26Bunch Of Beaches
Da Girls31v15Hit & Miss
Da Girls52v9Volley Wobblers
Not A Fight Club35v32Bunch Of Beaches
I’d Hit That35v32Bunch Of Beaches
LIGMA17v32We Get It
How I Set Your Mother17v38We Get It
Da Girls40v18LIGMA
Da Girls42v7How I Set Your Mother
Volley Wobblers 27v32I’d Hit That
Volley Wobblers 29v31Not A Fight Club
Smashed Unicorns27v19Hit & Miss
Smashed Unicorns36v28Hit & Miss
Bunch Of Beaches21v40I’d Hit That
Hit & Miss24v28I’d Hit That
Not A Fight Club33v27Bunch Of Beaches
Not A Fight Club21v27Hit & Miss
Da Girls27v14LIGMA
Smashed Unicorns28v38Volley Wobblers
Smashed Unicorns10v44Da Girls
Volley Wobblers 35v36How I Set Your Mother
We Get It42v21How I Set Your Mother
We Get It23v25LIGMA
Smashed Unicorns26v32How I Set Your Mother
Hit & Miss28v32How I Set Your Mother
I’d Hit That35v18Smashed Unicorns
I’d Hit That33v23Hit & Miss
Not A Fight Club12v39We Get It
LIGMA27v21Da Girls
LIGMA19v15We Get It
Volley Wobblers 40v22Bunch Of Beaches
Not A Fight Club41v18Bunch Of Beaches
Volley Wobblers 20v47Da Girls
Not A Fight Club27v30How I Set Your Mother
Bunch Of Beaches17v51How I Set Your Mother
Bunch Of Beaches17v52Not A Fight Club
Da Girls34v16Hit & Miss
We Get It31v21Hit & Miss
I’d Hit That20v34Da Girls
Volley Wobblers 14v44We Get It
LIGMA28v21I’d Hit That
Smashed Unicorns30v30Volley Wobblers
Smashed Unicorns19v43LIGMA
Da Girls25v20LIGMA
Not A Fight Club22v31LIGMA
We Get It19v27Da Girls
How I Set Your Mother36v25Not A Fight Club
Bunch Of Beaches29v35We Get It
Hit & Miss24v36How I Set Your Mother
Hit & Miss40v21Bunch Of Beaches
I’d Hit That26v27Smashed Unicorns
Volley Wobblers 26v33Smashed Unicorns
Volley Wobblers 46v24I’d Hit That
LIGMA40v18Volley Wobblers
LIGMA24v24Hit & Miss
Volley Wobblers 42v24Not A Fight Club
We Get It21v29I’d Hit That
Bunch Of Beaches12v49I’d Hit That
How I Set Your Mother22v26We Get It
How I Set Your Mother44v15Bunch Of Beaches
Not A Fight Club18v49Smashed Unicorns
Da Girls34v21Hit & Miss
Da Girls35v18Smashed Unicorns