Wednesday Ladies A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Hit Tease18170167121146068
2We Always Get It Up18140468622546156
3Beach Bums181008400442-4240
4I'd Hit That186012325559-23424
5Set 4 Life165011292546-25420
6Flying Penguins181017280671-3914

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Flying Penguins11v48We Always Get It Up
Beach Bums16v35Hit Tease
Beach Bums6v35Set 4 Life
Set 4 Life9v39We Always Get It Up
I'd Hit That27v20Flying Penguins
I'd Hit That9v40Hit Tease
I'd Hit That8v40Hit Tease
We Always Get It Up18v21Hit Tease
I'd Hit That22v17Beach Bums
Flying Penguins19v28Beach Bums
Flying Penguins24v13Set 4 Life
We Always Get It Up48v8Set 4 Life
Flying Penguins7v59We Always Get It Up
I'd Hit That41v18Flying Penguins
I'd Hit That7v44Hit Tease
Set 4 Life7v43We Always Get It Up
Beach Bums17v33Set 4 Life
Beach Bums4v37Hit Tease
Beach Bums33v13Flying Penguins
Hit Tease32v15I'd Hit That
Hit Tease22v18We Always Get It Up
Set 4 Life32v15Flying Penguins
We Always Get It Up37v9Set 4 Life
I'd Hit That15v30Beach Bums
Flying Penguins14v42Beach Bums
Flying Penguins16v24I'd Hit That
We Always Get It Up35v8I'd Hit That
We Always Get It Up17v22Hit Tease
Hit Tease23v10Beach Bums
I'd Hit That14v27Beach Bums
Beach Bums43v17Flying Penguins
Set 4 Life35v31Flying Penguins
Hit Tease41v14I'd Hit That
Hit Tease12v28We Always Get It Up
We Always Get It Up43v11Set 4 Life
Beach Bums21v19Set 4 Life
Beach Bums5v51Hit Tease
I'd Hit That0v55Hit Tease
Set 4 Life0v76We Always Get It Up
We Always Get It Up44v8Flying Penguins
I'd Hit That38v16Flying Penguins
I'd Hit That6v47We Always Get It Up
Beach Bums4v48We Always Get It Up
Hit Tease43v8Set 4 Life
Set 4 Life29v19I'd Hit That
Flying Penguins19v23Beach Bums
Hit Tease49v11Flying Penguins
Set 4 Life25v37I'd Hit That
We Always Get It Up27v21I'd Hit That
Flying Penguins4v57Hit Tease
Flying Penguins17v35Beach Bums
Hit Tease47v19Set 4 Life
Beach Bums39v11We Always Get It Up

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