Wednesday c grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Yirara Ladies20160485558926664
2The Others20100106896692040
3Bunch Of Slets199197587273138

Viewed 200 times

Bunch Of Slets62v25Setzy
The Others27v33Randoms
Yirara Ladies38v42Bunch Of Slets
Yirara Ladies50v24The Others
The Others50v15Setzy
Bunch Of Slets44v38Randoms
Yirara Ladies44v38The Others
Yirara Ladies36v47Bunch Of Slets
Bunch Of Slets38v41The Others
Randoms39v32The Others
Setzy36v33Bunch Of Slets
Yirara Ladies43v26Randoms
Yirara Ladies37v35Setzy
Bunch Of Slets30v33The Others
Randoms39v26The Others
Setzy30v60Bunch Of Slets
Yirara Ladies59v20Randoms
Yirara Ladies16v34Setzy
Bunch Of Slets43v41Randoms
The Others31v37Randoms
Setzy41v41Bunch Of Slets
Yirara Ladies40v15The Others
Yirara Ladies56v15Setzy
The Others26v40Yirara Ladies
Randoms22v52Yirara Ladies
Bunch Of Slets29v42The Others
Setzy28v57Bunch Of Slets
Randoms34v41The Others
Bunch Of Slets20v51The Others
Yirara Ladies49v40Bunch Of Slets
Yirara Ladies49v37Setzy
Yirara Ladies36v24Setzy
The Others25v35Setzy
Randoms35v37Yirara Ladies
Bunch Of Slets44v34The Others
Bunch Of Slets33v46Randoms
The Others44v25Randoms
Yirara Ladies32v35The Others
Bunch Of Slets28v51Yirara Ladies
Bunch Of Slets42v25Setzy
Yirara Ladies42v25Setzy
The Others42v25Bunch Of Slets
Randoms20v32The Others
Randoms21v48Yirara Ladies

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