Wednesday b grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Triple Bs21161468250917366
2Block Party20150564551612960
3Pink Panthers20140675155020156
4Flying Penguins2011096505727844
66 Pack194015467729-26216
7Dat Ace Doe212019572861-2898

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Flying Penguins33v32Triple Bs
Block Party29v15Triple Bs
Pink Panthers37v40Flying Penguins
6 Pack19v36Block Party
Dat Ace Doe23v49Pink Panthers
Beez36v306 Pack
Beez35v32Dat Ace Doe
Pink Panthers40v246 Pack
Beez38v236 Pack
Flying Penguins33v21Pink Panthers
Triple Bs29v23Beez
Block Party33v19Flying Penguins
Dat Ace Doe17v49Triple Bs
Dat Ace Doe27v39Block Party
Flying Penguins50v26Dat Ace Doe
6 Pack32v50Dat Ace Doe
Block Party34v20Flying Penguins
Triple Bs43v266 Pack
Pink Panthers29v27Block Party
Beez28v32Triple Bs
Beez25v36Pink Panthers
Triple Bs27v21Block Party
Beez24v33Block Party
Pink Panthers24v34Triple Bs
Flying Penguins21v32Beez
Dat Ace Doe23v53Pink Panthers
6 Pack21v41Flying Penguins
6 Pack50v21Dat Ace Doe
Triple Bs16v176 Pack
Flying Penguins50v176 Pack
Block Party29v34Triple Bs
Beez31v37Flying Penguins
Pink Panthers32v35Block Party
Dat Ace Doe37v43Beez
Dat Ace Doe28v48Pink Panthers
Block Party34v27Dat Ace Doe
Pink Panthers44v22Dat Ace Doe
Flying Penguins41v18Block Party
6 Pack20v44Pink Panthers
Triple Bs37v13Flying Penguins
Beez53v186 Pack
Beez29v33Triple Bs
Triple Bs46v27Block Party
Beez25v43Block Party
Pink Panthers25v36Triple Bs
Flying Penguins26v36Beez
Dat Ace Doe15v49Pink Panthers
6 Pack18v50Flying Penguins
6 Pack47v33Dat Ace Doe
Pink Panthers28v23Triple Bs
Flying Penguins28v29Triple Bs
Beez32v46Pink Panthers
6 Pack23v35Flying Penguins
Dat Ace Doe31v25Beez
Block Party26v21Dat Ace Doe
Block Party39v22Dat Ace Doe
Block Party32v26Dat Ace Doe
Pink Panthers37v34Dat Ace Doe
Flying Penguins24v35Block Party
Triple Bs27v23Pink Panthers
6 Pack30v22Flying Penguins
Triple Bs38v16Beez
Triple Bs34v166 Pack
6 Pack23v44Pink Panthers
Beez26v42Pink Panthers
Block Party43v136 Pack
Triple Bs30v30Beez
Flying Penguins25v32Block Party
Dat Ace Doe27v38Triple Bs
Dat Ace Doe30v42Flying Penguins

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