Wednesday B Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Pink Bites1812155324617150
3The Aunties19110859548111444
4Block Party21110106135981544
5Beach Bums16101544734510242
6Flying Penguins2010285574995842
7Hit & Miss2010010540572-3240
8Pink Panthers184014433590-15716
9Notorious Dig10307265316-5112
10No Dig'gity 201019431781-3504

Viewed 273 times

The Aunties38v16No Dig'gity
The Aunties43v21Pink Panthers
Beach Bums35v22Pink Bites
Flying Penguins32v22Pink Bites
No Dig'gity 18v36Block Party
Notorious Dig38v22Flying Penguins
Hit & Miss23v33Pink Panthers
Hit & Miss23v17Notorious Dig
MANU30v17Block Party
MANU30v17Beach Bums
No Dig'gity 31v38Hit & Miss
Flying Penguins31v38Hit & Miss
Pink Panthers31v38Pink Bites
Pink Bites31v38Block Party
Pink Panthers31v38MANU
No Dig'gity 31v38Block Party
The Aunties31v38MANU
Notorious Dig31v38Flying Penguins
Notorious Dig31v38The Aunties
Block Party16v26Pink Bites
Pink Panthers16v26Pink Bites
Block Party48v26No Dig'gity
Pink Panthers48v26No Dig'gity
Flying Penguins17v31MANU
Beach Bums22v24MANU
Hit & Miss19v41Flying Penguins
The Aunties18v30Beach Bums
The Aunties48v14Hit & Miss
Pink Bites41v23No Dig'gity
Flying Penguins28v24Hit & Miss
The Aunties20v29Pink Panthers
The Aunties20v29Flying Penguins
Hit & Miss20v29Pink Bites
Pink Panthers37v12No Dig'gity
MANU37v12Block Party
Beach Bums50v12Block Party
Beach Bums29v29MANU
Flying Penguins0v0MANU
MANU35v36Block Party
Pink Bites24v21Block Party
Pink Panthers13v40Flying Penguins
The Aunties24v40Pink Bites
Hit & Miss30v26Pink Panthers
No Dig'gity 25v39The Aunties
No Dig'gity 18v48Hit & Miss
Pink Bites29v28MANU
Flying Penguins18v13Beach Bums
Pink Bites25v17Hit & Miss
Flying Penguins55v17No Dig'gity
Block Party31v17Pink Panthers
The Aunties31v17Pink Panthers
The Aunties12v17Block Party
Hit & Miss27v17No Dig'gity
MANU35v15Beach Bums
Block Party40v19No Dig'gity
Block Party40v19No Dig'gity
MANU29v21Pink Panthers
Flying Penguins29v21The Aunties
Hit & Miss16v20MANU
Pink Bites35v20Flying Penguins
Beach Bums35v20Hit & Miss
Beach Bums27v20Pink Bites
Hit & Miss26v14No Dig'gity
MANU26v14No Dig'gity
Flying Penguins26v31Hit & Miss
The Aunties31v34MANU
The Aunties27v24Flying Penguins
Block Party50v20Pink Panthers
Notorious Dig23v20Pink Panthers
Beach Bums23v20Block Party
Beach Bums23v20Notorious Dig
Pink Bites27v27Flying Penguins
The Aunties27v23Flying Penguins
MANU57v23Notorious Dig
Beach Bums29v18Notorious Dig
No Dig'gity 19v47The Aunties
Pink Panthers19v47Pink Bites
Block Party49v21No Dig'gity
Beach Bums38v10Pink Panthers
Hit & Miss38v28Block Party
Hit & Miss22v46MANU
The Aunties35v21Block Party
The Aunties45v24Pink Panthers
Notorious Dig25v33Flying Penguins
MANU40v24Flying Penguins
Hit & Miss33v39Notorious Dig
Pink Bites17v47MANU
No Dig'gity 20v33Hit & Miss
Beach Bums20v33Pink Bites
No Dig'gity 45v27Block Party
Block Party16v41Beach Bums

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