Wednesday A grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Box Block20200090316374080
2Wot Up20180268130038172
4Setzy Divas208012422622-20032
5We Always Get It Up167094093228728
6Beach Bums195212340573-23322
7Kicked Aces184014340608-26816
8Kiss My Ace183114343708-36514
96 Wise Cousins213117381687-30612

Viewed 233 times

6 Wise Cousins0v0Beach Bums
Beach Bums22v24MANU
Box Block54v7Kiss My Ace
Setzy Divas24v25Beach Bums
Wot Up10v32Box Block
We Always Get It Up29v11Setzy Divas
Kicked Aces13v43Wot Up
Kicked Aces12v28We Always Get It Up
6 Wise Cousins24v34Kiss My Ace
6 Wise Cousins21v34MANU
Setzy Divas36v20Kicked Aces
Box Block64v86 Wise Cousins
Kicked Aces32v296 Wise Cousins
Box Block41v7Setzy Divas
Beach Bums26v26Kiss My Ace
MANU45v27Kiss My Ace
Wot Up39v15Beach Bums
Wot Up31v20MANU
6 Wise Cousins29v19Setzy Divas
MANU11v37Box Block
Wot Up37v176 Wise Cousins
Kiss My Ace22v33MANU
We Always Get It Up21v25Wot Up
Beach Bums21v31Kiss My Ace
Beach Bums11v44We Always Get It Up
Kicked Aces6v41Box Block
Kicked Aces23v27Setzy Divas
6 Wise Cousins14v31Beach Bums
Box Block56v9Beach Bums
MANU32v216 Wise Cousins
Kicked Aces13v45Box Block
Kiss My Ace31v38MANU
Setzy Divas37v24Kicked Aces
Wot Up47v5Kiss My Ace
Wot Up29v11Setzy Divas
Kiss My Ace13v40MANU
Setzy Divas13v40MANU
Kicked Aces26v276 Wise Cousins
Beach Bums27v35Setzy Divas
Wot Up40v7Kicked Aces
We Always Get It Up51v12Beach Bums
We Always Get It Up18v25Wot Up
Box Block47v66 Wise Cousins
Box Block64v4Kiss My Ace
Box Block24v6We Always Get It Up
6 Wise Cousins10v39We Always Get It Up
Beach Bums2v59Box Block
Kicked Aces20v296 Wise Cousins
Wot Up40v12Beach Bums
MANU34v26Kicked Aces
MANU43v22Kiss My Ace
Setzy Divas29v23Kiss My Ace
Setzy Divas8v57Wot Up
Box Block36v13We Always Get It Up
MANU22v206 Wise Cousins
Kicked Aces8v47Box Block
Kiss My Ace18v39MANU
Setzy Divas32v22Kicked Aces
Wot Up46v11Kiss My Ace
Wot Up28v10Setzy Divas
Beach Bums19v186 Wise Cousins
Beach Bums14v9We Always Get It Up
Box Block52v86 Wise Cousins
Setzy Divas30v286 Wise Cousins
We Always Get It Up13v20Box Block
Kicked Aces26v24Setzy Divas
Wot Up32v10We Always Get It Up
Wot Up36v12MANU
Beach Bums19v23MANU
Beach Bums20v23Kicked Aces
MANU27v31We Always Get It Up
MANU40v23Kiss My Ace
Kicked Aces34v176 Wise Cousins
Setzy Divas31v226 Wise Cousins
Box Block52v5Kicked Aces
Kiss My Ace29v13Setzy Divas
Wot Up13v32Box Block
Wot Up27v21We Always Get It Up
Beach Bums5v46Wot Up
Beach Bums50v11Kiss My Ace
6 Wise Cousins8v50Box Block
Setzy Divas6v50Box Block
MANU34v256 Wise Cousins
MANU50v19Setzy Divas
We Always Get It Up56v6Kiss My Ace
We Always Get It Up20v30Wot Up

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